Accidents 101: 3 Simple Steps To Deal With A Driver Who Doesn’t Have Car Insurance


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Accidents 101

There’s nothing worse than getting involved in an accident. They are unexpected, frustrating and pretty scary. But what’s worse is getting involved in an accident and finding out the other driver DOES NOT have car insurance. Here’s what you need to do if you find yourself in this sticky situation.

Did you know that there are as many as 8.5 MILLION cars on our South African roads? That’s a huge amount. And of these cars, 65% of them are uninsured.

That means that your chances of being involved in an accident with an insured driver are very high. In fact, if you are involved in a bumper bashing or crash of sorts, you have a 2 in 3 chance of the driver being uninsured.

So, what steps should you take if you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have vehicle insurance?

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We have broken it down for you in 3 simple steps…

1. Get all the details

The first thing you need to do is remain calm. There is no point in freaking out and panicking over something you now have no control over. Take a few deep breaths and make sure no one is hurt.

You need to ensure you get as many details as possible from the other driver. Their contact details (make sure their phone rings with the number they give you), their address, a photo of their driver’s licence, their full names and their licence plate.

Make sure you also gather as much information from the scene of the accident.

Take as many photos as you can of the scene, the damage to both the cars, the street names and if you can, get some witness statements.

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2. Get the professionals involved

If the accident is bad, then phone the police and wait until they arrive at the scene. If your car is driveable, then you can drive to the nearest police station and report the accident (you need to do this within the first 24 hours).

If your car is not driveable, then phone your insurer to find out about their process of towing. Some insurers only work with certain two truck drivers, in which case, they will send one to fetch your car. Other insurers might help cover the costs of the tow after the fact.

Make sure you stick to your insurer’s process to prevent your claim from getting rejected.

It’s a good idea to also contact your insurance provider to get the ball rolling on the claim process. If the other driver does not have insurance, you must let your insurer know and provide them with all the details of the other driver.

Your insurer will then contact the other driver to find out more.

3. Let your insurer handle the hard part

Your insurer will try to do everything they can to make the process as easy and simple as possible for you. If you have any questions about the process of claiming, be sure to let them know and if you can help with any additional information they need.

Make sure you send your insurer all the pictures from the scene as this will help greatly during the claims process.

Don’t be the driver without insurance

Accidents tend to happen when we least expect them. They are unpredictable. But although you can’t predict an accident, you can plan for one with comprehensive car insurance.

Driving without insurance is not only a risk but also irresponsible. You might not have insurance in an attempt to try and save money, but know that if you cause an accident you will be liable to pay for the damages which could amount to thousands of rands.

Do you have the cash lying around to pay for your car to get fixed AND another driver’s car? Chances are highly unlikely. That’s because claims can cost R10 000 or more, and that’s not even for a serious amount of damage.

More expensive claims range from R50 000 to R80 000. And in some cases, the car will be deemed a write-off. In cases like this, you will have to replace your car. Can you afford to replace your car or drive around without one until you can save up to buy a new one?

Give yourself the peace of mind you need when driving on the wild roads of South Africa with flexible car insurance with Oneplan.

We let you tailor your cover to suit your budget and give you total control of your cover.

Yours in affordable and flexible car insurance,


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