Pet Insurance Cover: We’ve added on more routine care benefits to keep your furry friend healthy


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Pet Insurance Cover

More Routine Care Benefits, More Cover, More Reason To Smile (or wag your tail) with Oneplan Pet Insurance. It’s cover for day-to-day costs, levelled up. Here’s what you need to know about our routine care benefit changes.

If you are the proud parent of a pet, then you will know that responsible pet ownership doesn’t come cheap. From the adoption fees, bedding, food, toys, and other accessories, the basic costs can (and will) quickly start to add up.

Cover for the unexpected

And then there are the costs that you never feel fully prepared for, vet bills. Many pet parents are well aware of just how beneficial pet insurance can be when it comes to helping pay expensive bills related to accidental and emergency costs. These sorts of unexpected vet bills can start from R10 000 and tend to quickly skyrocket. Leaving you with an empty bank account and a broken heart knowing your furry member of the family’s health is on the line.

Which is why having pet insurance can give you peace of mind and help cover your bases when it comes to affording expensive veterinary care.

For reasons such as these, having pet insurance just makes financial sense. For a couple of hundred rands a month (or only R60 if you have our Pet Accident Plan), you know that your pet can get the care they deserve when something goes wrong.

Cover for the expected

Of course, emergency and illness-related vet bills aren’t the only ones you can expect when you own a pet, the costs of check-ups and routine care can and will start to add up.

A check-up at the vet can cost between R350 and R500. Then there are additional fees associated with medication, tests and any other treatment or preventative care needed. Which brings us to the topic of routine care.

Paid before you see the vet

If you know anything about Oneplan, then you might already know that if you have cover for vet visits and routine care included in your pet insurance plan, then we front you with the cash you need BEFORE you see the vet.

We make this possible using our unique transactional Onecard. This will be sent to you when you become a part of a Oneplan family and sign up for an insurance policy.

In knowing that the costs of day-to-day vet care can put a dent in your bank account, we include these benefits in some of our plans under vet visit and routine care cover.

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Last year, a number of our clients mentioned that their routine care costs for their pets ended up costing them more than they bargained for, which is why we decided to level up our routine care benefits. But we get into more detail on that in just a bit.

What’s the difference between vet visits and routine care?

Vet visits refer to consultations when you think something might be wrong with your pet. Our benefits include cover for the following: Consultations, radiology (X-rays), pathology (blood tests) and dental procedures.

Routine care refers to preventive care vet visits to help your vet to prevent, detect and treat any health concerns before they become a more significant issue, and are therefore more expensive to treat.

Here’s what you are covered for when it comes to routine care:

  1. Sterilisation
  2. Consultations for and/or vaccinations, deworming, flea control
  3. Anal gland expression
  4. Teeth scaling and polishing

How we have levelled up our routine care benefits

The first change we made to our policies (as from March 2020), is that your Routine Care Benefit can now be used in conjunction with any other covered event on your policy (this will obviously be subject to the limit and the availability of the specific benefit).

For example…

If you take your Bruno to the vet because he has a skin rash, but while you’re there you get his vaccines done at the same time, Oneplan will split the cover between routine care and vet visit.

Previously, we would give the benefit with the most charges on the invoice, and the other benefit would be forfeited. Same goes for if your pet has a lump removed under illness cover and has a dental scale and polish same time – before we would exclude the dentistry, now we would give it as a separate routine care on the same day.

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12-month claim cycle

You may claim for Routine Care every 12-month cycle, from the successful inception of your policy, for your furry members of the family, up to the limit as specified in your policy schedule. This means that if you take out your policy in May, your Routine Care Benefit will ‘reload’ the following May.

Routine Care Plus

This is where things get exciting…

We have created a new add-on product under routine care where you can increase your limit for an additional monthly fee. The great thing about this new benefit is that you can ALSO add it onto the Pet Hospital Plan, which previously excluded cover for day-to-day costs such as vet visits and routine care. You can also add it to the Pet Super Plan And Pet Classic Plan.

Basically, what this add-on does is double your routine care benefit after a 6 month waiting period. But this doesn’t mean that your routine care benefit is instantly doubled the moment you sign up for a policy.

Let’s explain a little more about how this product works…

Let’s say, for example, you have chosen the Classic Plan. The routine care benefit for this plan is R720 for a 12-month cycle. If you decide to add-on the Routine Care Plus benefit for an additional R75 a month, this will add on an extra R720 to your routine care benefit, which will be activated after a 6 month waiting period.

Inclusive of the Excess Buster

Initially, a stand-alone product that you could add to your policy, the Routine Care Plus benefit now includes the Excess Buster Benefit.

This add-on product helps to cover the excess charged by us for a claim - which means you could save thousands in medical bills.

These are just more ways we are making our pet insurance cuddle-worthy.

Yours in quality pet insurance,


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