How To Keep Cool During Loadshedding: 6 Tips To Surviving The Heat With No Electricity


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How To Keep Cool During Loadshedding

Loadshedding causes many frustrations in our lives but one thing that is a struggle is trying to keep yourself and your house cool without any electricity. We’ve come up with some tips on how to keep yourself cool when the power goes out!

Loadshedding… a common word in households around South Africa by now, probably a swear word in most houses. We’ve become accustomed to the long hours of no power but that doesn’t mean it isn’t super frustrating. From interrupted work hours, wasted time in the traffic to missing your favourite show - there are countless examples of how loadshedding negatively impacts our days.


But there’s one frustration that we, as South Africans in summer, simply cannot deal with and that’s the heat! So, we’re taking a look at how you can keep cool (both physically and emotionally) during loadshedding.

Stay ahead of the schedule

Before we get into our steps - we have a little helpful tip: Always keep track of the loadshedding schedule to make sure you know when your power will be cut!


There are a number of ways to stay up to date with loadshedding. You can check the Eskom website or even better, you can download an app that will deliver alerts and notifications of when loadshedding will happen in your area (we love a little convenience in frustrating situations)!


EskomSePush is a good example of a helpful app you should probably download.  

6 steps to surviving the heat during loadshedding

1.   Close your blinds or curtains

Ongoing research has shown that almost 30% of the heat in a home comes in through the windows. That's why blinds, shutters and high-quality curtains can make a huge difference to the temperature inside your home. Make sure to use a good-quality set of black-out curtains or blinds on windows that receive the most sunlight during the day.

2.   Keep doors and windows shut during the day

It might seem like a good idea to open all the windows and doors to allow fresh air in but all you’re doing is letting the cool air out and all the hot air in. Keep a small window or two open to allow some fresh in but keep most windows and doors shut to keep the interior of your home cool.


Pro tip: open your doors and windows in the evenings when the temperature drops to cool down your home interior.

3.   Invest in ceiling insulation

Yeah, yeah, we all know that installing ceiling insulation keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter. But how many of you have actually installed it? Ceiling insulation is not an expensive project and you can buy everything you need to do-it-yourself at your nearest hardware store. A quick way to invest in a long-term solution!

4.   Decorate for a cooler home

It is true that colours affect your mood and how you feel. When it's hot and you sit in a red room you will feel much hotter than the real temperature. The opposite effect applies to a cool blue or calm green room, which will quickly make you feel cooler.


Decorating a home in cool colours might not lower the actual temperature but they will fool your brain into thinking your body is cooler!


Invest in installing awnings over your windows or doorways that get direct sunlight to provide some extra shade and keep the heat out!

5.   Plant trees

Small trees and large shrubs are an easy and effective way to control the amount of heat that enters your home. A small, evergreen tree with an overhanging leaf canopy will spread shade over windows and doors and help keep the temperature down during the hottest time of the day.


Place trees and shrubs strategically in the garden to block out as much direct sunlight as possible. Besides the extra shade - your garden will look stunning and lush!

6.   Get some battery-powered fans

Even with all the above tips in mind, sometimes you still just need a fan to provide a little cool breeze!


Invest in some battery-powered fans to keep a constant breeze on you on those really hot days - you can find some of these fans on here.


Don’t let loadshedding get the best of you and make sure you keep your cool! Find more tips on how to beat the loadshedding blues in this article!


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