Oneplan Sponsors The Sterilization Of 100 Dogs For Richmond Dog Sterilization Project


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How Oneplan Pet Insurance is making a difference and supporting an incredible initiative aiming to make a difference in the lives of dogs in Richmond, KZN

Due to the lack of resources and education, there are hundreds of domestic puppies in local villages who are mistreated and lack the attention and care needed to lead a healthy and happy life. Many of the dogs in rural areas are not sterilized, which leads to puppies being born without the proper nutrition and shelter needed for them to survive.

After seeing a post on Facebook that mentioned this sad situation in Richmond KZN, Kira Sakota, a Joburg based woman, took it upon herself to try and raise funds for the mass sterilization for dogs in this area, which would be the best way to bring an end to poorly treated puppies.

Kira mentioned that most dog owners in the area do love and care for their dogs, yet when their dogs give birth to puppies, they cannot afford to care for and feed all the extra mouths as they struggle to look after their own families.

Richmond, a rural township home to a number of local villages and domestic animals, is home to hundreds of dogs who give birth to puppies on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this area does not fall within the area that any KZN animal welfare can provide assistance to.

P.A.R.R (PMB Animal Rescue & Rehome)

Kira started to do some research as to how she could go about raising funds needed for this mass sterilization and finding an animal welfare organisation in the area to spearhead the project. She found an incredible organisation known as P.A.R.R (PMB Animal Rescue & Rehome), an initiative that is run by 5 local ladies who do everything they can to make a difference in the lives of animals. The primary goals of P.A.R.R are to rescue, rehabilitate, sterilise and rehome stray and abandoned animals.

P.A.R.R is currently involved in a number of outreach programmes which aim to assist animals in underprivileged communities and townships through free rabies inoculations, sterilizations and education among the owners of dogs on the proper care for animals.

P.A.R.R along with Pietermaritzburg SPCA both agreed to come on board for this special project. Now all Kira needed was the funds to make it happen. Kira got the ball rolling in creating an online fundraiser with the goal of sterilizing 500 dogs by setting up a 3-day mobile clinic. 

They believe that education is key, and along with this campaign, they will also target schools and educate the learners and staff on the proper care for their pets and the importance of sterilization.

Some fast facts on the impact of sterilizing dogs:

●        2 dogs who breed become 72 000 in their lifetime.

●        R250 sterilizes one dog on this project.

Where Oneplan comes in

As many of our clients know, Oneplan Pet Insurance has a passion for pets and a passion for people doing good in this world. Last year we sponsored the health of the hardworking dogs and their handlers who form part of Project Rhino’s K9 Unit (an ongoing sponsorship).

And when hearing Kira’s story and her efforts in trying to bring an end to the overpopulation of domestic animals in Richmond, we wanted to help her achieve this goal, and so we have donated R25 000 to help sterilize 100 dogs.

How you can help


You can donate online by clicking on the link right here. Kira’s goal is to raise R150 000. Every little bit counts.

The Society of Animals in Distress

You can also make a direct donation to The Society of Animals in Distress as they will be in charge of setting up the mobile clinic.

The future of this initiative

Kira hopes that she will be able to conduct and raise funds for a project like this once a year and relies on the success and donations of this first effort to help get this project off the ground.

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