What Does Dog Insurance Cost?


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What Does Dog Insurance Cost

Looking to insure the health of your canine companion? We break down the costs of Oneplan Pet Insurance for dogs and dig into the facts you need to know.

Pet insurance is the solution for pet parents who are looking for ways to keep their pets healthy and keep the costs of vet bills down.

As more and more pet owners are now striving to better look after their furry members of the family, the cost of veterinary care (both expected and unexpected bills), soon become apparent. In most cases, the costs of pet healthcare closely rival those of human healthcare.

And these costs shouldn’t come as a surprise. As veterinary medicine advances, our pets are able to lead longer, healthier lives. However, these innovations in pet medicine come with a hefty price tag. Vets have their own bills to pay, equipment to pay for, medication to buy and staff to care for.

Which is why so many pet parents are turning to pet insurance as the solution to help afford pet healthcare.

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How to find the best dog insurance

Now that you understand the benefit and need for pet insurance, you have probably started to sniff around and do some digging as to what your options are in terms of insurers (excuse the dog puns, we’re just as passionate about pooches as we are about insurance).

Shopping for pet insurance ain’t easy. We get it. Which is why we have broken down the basics of our pet insurance to make your life a little easier.

Cheaper is never better

Before we get into how our pet insurance for dogs works, we first wanted to touch base on a rather important topic.

Many pet parents are guilty of choosing the cheapest pet insurance option in an attempt to try and save on their monthly premiums. However, it comes time to claim, they are often left feeling upset and disappointed as their “out of pocket” amounts far outweigh the cost of their premium.

Which basically means that they have to pay the vet more than they bargained for and their pet insurance hardly comes to the party during the claiming and payout process.

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Moral of the story? Read the fine print.

We cannot stress enough as to how important the fine print of your contract is. With Oneplan Pet Insurance, we do everything we can to break down the legal lingo and help you to understand your cover.

But this is not always the case with other insurers.

You might think you struck gold with a cheap premium for pet insurance, but just how much does your pet insurer cover in the event of a claim?

In any case, let’s get back to how dog insurance works with Oneplan…

Dog insurance and Oneplan

We recently restructured our pet insurance plans to offer different pricing structures for cats and dogs. The reason for this being that dogs are inherently a higher insurance risk compared to cats.

And when you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Dogs are more likely to escape from your yard, get lost, get in a fight with another dog or just hurt themselves whilst playing around in the garden. Silly things. We love them, but they can be pretty clumsy.

Let’s take a look at the pricing for dogs and our pet insurance plans…

Pet Accident Plan

Overall annual limit = R8 000

This plan is actually amazing! There are no age limits for this plan and for only R60 a month, your dog is covered with R8000 in accident cover.

This plan is great if you want a basic form of cover and protection against unexpected veterinary bills.

Pet Hospital Plan

Overall annual limit = R45 000

A step up from the accident plan, this plan costs R155 a month for dogs and includes cover for accidents (up to R35 000), illness (up to R32 000) and kennel fees (up to R1 650 per pet per year)  in the event that something happens to you and you cannot look after your dog.

Pet Classic Plan

Overall annual limit = R48 000

What’s great about this plan is that it includes cover for routine care and vet visits.

We even front you with the cash you need before you visit the vet.

The cost of this plan is R299 per month per dog. This includes up to R720 in routine care, up to R1 200 per vet visit (up to 4 visits a year), up to R40 000 for accidents, up to R33 000 for illness cover and up to R1 650 per pet per year for kennel fees.

Pet Super Plan

Overall annual limit = R70 000

This is our best plan to date!

The cost of this plan is R430 per month per dog. This includes up to R850 in routine care, up to R1 450 per vet visit (up to 4 visits a year), up to R55 000 for accidents, up to R50 000 for illness cover and up to R1 850 per pet per year for kennel fees.

Want to know a little more? You can chat with one of our friendly team members through our Oneplan App right now.

Yours in quality pet insurance you could cuddle,


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