How To Check Your Onecard Balance On The Oneplan App


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How To Check Your Onecard Balance

This one’s for our health and pet insurance policyholders who want to find out exactly how to check their card balance in our simple and smart app. Here’s a hint - it’s as easy as 1. 2. Swipe!

If you have a Oneplan Health Insurance or Oneplan Pet Insurance policy then, well first of all, you’re awesome, and secondly, you might want to know more about checking the balance on your Onecard.

If reading isn’t your thing, or you are a little pressed for time, then check out this video for a step by step guide on how to check your Onecard balance.

What’s a Onecard?

Our transactional Onecard allows you to load your claim before you visit the vet or doctor.

Health insurance

Our Onecard applies to claims associated with day-to-day care and doctor visits. Which is why our health insurance is SO MUCH more than just a hospital plan, plus we give you instant access to private healthcare facilities.

Your day-to-day cover is preloaded onto your Onecard before visiting your healthcare provider. Which means that we pay you before you see the doctor.

No matter what health insurance plan you have with us, you will be issued with a Onecard as each of our plans includes day-to-day benefits.

Pet Insurance

Our awesome Onecard only applies to pet policyholders who have routine care and vet visits included in their chosen plan.

How to preload your Onecard

To preload your Onecard, you need to download the Oneplan App on your smartphone. After this, you can load the type of cover you need. We will then transfer the funds to your Onecard within seconds.

Here’s how to preload your Onecard:

  1. Login to the Oneplan App
  2. Load a claim
  3. The money will be transferred to your Onecard
  4. Swipe this card at your provider

How to check your Onecard balance

  1. Log into the Oneplan App on your smartphone
  2. Enter your policy number and password
  3. Select the menu item applicable to your claim (for example, Oneplan Blue)
  4. Select My Card & Pin
  5. You can then view the total balance of your card on the screen

This bit is important

There are now bank charges when you swipe at the point of sale device (i.e. when you swipe at your doctor’s rooms or vet’s office).

BUT there are bank charges when you use the card at an ATM. These charges will be deducted from your available funds.

Got any more questions? Simply pop us a message using the in-app chat function in the app.

Why Oneplan Health Insurance?

  1. Quality private healthcare from as little as R380 a month
  2. Manage your cover and claims from the palm of your hands
  3. Chat with one of our nurses through the Oneplan app for any health questions you might have
  4. Get paid before you see the doctor (no matter what plan you have chosen)
  5. Get the freedom to go to any licenced doctor of your choice (We don’t limit you to a specified network)
  6. Instant claims system that lets you upload and process ALL your claims though the Oneplan App

Why Oneplan Pet Insurance?

  1. Quality pet insurance from only R60 a month
  2. Get paid before you see the vet
  3. Cover to day-to-day costs such as vet visits and routine care
  4. Additional add on products for routine care and excess waivers
  5. Highest annual limit compared to other insurers, which means we pay out more when it comes time to claim
  6. Instant claims process
  7. Get paid before you see the vet
  8. Go to ANY licenced vet of your choice
  9. Cover for pre-existing conditions
  10. Instant access to your cover through the Oneplan App

Instant insurance for items on the move with you

We also have an amazing add-on product called On The Go Insurance, access to this product is automatically unlocked the moment you become a part of the Oneplan family.

This is instant insurance for valuable items on the move with you. You can simply turn this insurance on and off whenever you need to.

For example, if you are going away for the weekend and need to insure your camera (even if it’s just for 3 days), then we’ve got you. Simply log into the App and activate On The Go. The best part is that we cover you for the full replacement cost of your item.

Check out this blog to find out more: On The Go Insurance: Instant Cover For Items On The Move With You

One minute to get insured. One minute to claim. One minute to get paid.

Choose quality health and pet insurance, choose Oneplan.

Yours in hassle-free, quality insurance,


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