On The Go Insurance: Instant Cover For Items On The Move With You


Jade Poole

On The Go Insurance

Need to insure your valuable items on the move with you? Going away for a few days and want to cover some expensive items? Get covered for the full value of your items you take out of your home. The best part? You can turn it on and off at the click of a button. Here’s what you need to know about our awesome add-on insurance product - On The Go Insurance. 

We get that life can be complicated, which is why we do everything we can to make our insurance hassle-free, easy to use and easy to understand. 

We’ve said goodbye to the pages of paperwork, taken out the complicated legal lingo and stripped down our insurance to be exactly what it needs to be - cover for the things that matter most. 

Because we care about our members of the Oneplan Family (if you’re a client of ours, then we’re talking about you), we developed an add-on insurance product that lets you cover valuable items that travel with you. 

It’s call On-The-Go Insurance. It’s simple, effective and affordable insurance for the little things (that cost a pretty penny to replace) that you take out of your home. 

We wanted to give you a little more insight into this product, which is why we decided to write this blog. So, here we go!

Who can qualify for On The Go Insurance?

Here’s the thing…

You need to be an existing policyholder with Oneplan (that’s us) to qualify for On The Go. So, if you already have pet insurance, health insurance, car or home insurance with us, then this will automatically unlock this add-on insurance product - On The Go

How does On The Go Insurance work? 

We’re glad you asked. 

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you are going away for a little vacation over the long weekend and are taking your camera with you. Now, your camera normally lives in your home and doesn’t leave it. But now that you are taking it out of the safety of your house, you are worried it might get stolen or something might happen to it. And it’s wise to think that way. 

You know what they say “you can’t predict when things go wrong, but you can be prepared for then they do.” 

Which is where On The Go Insurance comes in. 

All you have to do is log into the Oneplan App, select On The Go and follow the easy instructions that ask how many days you want your item to be covered for and the value of your item. 

You can then turn your cover on and off as and when you need to. Even if you are only going away for 3 days, we’ve got you covered. 

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How much is my item insured for?

You’re full of great questions! 

Simply put - we cover you for the full price of your item. 

Basically, we calculate the number of days you want to be covered for and the value of your item. We will then give you an amount payable by you (using your credit card) when you activate On The Go. 

Just a head’s up - make sure your item is covered for its new replacement value. 

What does this mean? 

Well, if you bought your camera for R5000 two years ago, but now the same make and model can be bought for R7500 brand new, make sure that you take this new value into account when insuring your item. 

What kind of items am I covered for with On The Go Insurance?

Oneplan Insurance

All sorts of things! 

We insure a number of fancy items you take out of your home with you. The list includes clothing like leather jackets, laptops, cameras, music players, bicycles, wheelchairs, musical instruments, GPS devices, and more! 

If you want a little more detail, have a look at your policy wording document (which is basically the book of life when it comes to insurance). 

Or you can use the in-app chat function to chat with a team member. 

Want to know more about our insurance products?

If you aren’t a member of the Oneplan Family, then here are some pointers that just might change your mind: 

Health insurance

  1. Health insurance that fronts you with cash before you see your doctor 

  2. Go to any doctor of your choice 

  3. Funeral and dread disease cover included 

  4. Day-to-day costs included (GP visits and more)

  5. Extensive range of healthcare benefits 

Pet insurance

  1. Pet insurance that fronts you with cash before you see the vet 

  2. Range of pet healthcare plans to choose from 

  3. Go to any vet of your choice 

  4. Routine healthcare costs included

Car and home insurance

  1. Comprehensive car insurance that changes when life changes 
  2. Home insurance that lets you choose how much cover you want based on what you can afford 
  3. No vehicle inspections 
  4. Turn your cover off and on when you need it 
  5. Yours in affordable and quality insurance, 


Yours in affordable and quality insurance, 


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