3 essentials for every new pet parent!


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essentials for every new pet parent

Just in case you’re having a little pre-pup panic, here are the top four essentials you’re going to want to sort out to start off your journey together on the right paw (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!)

Bringing a new doggo into the mix is always an incredibly exciting time - it means that there’s a whole lot of love incoming and a whole lot of memories waiting to come alive. Being the pet-crazy people we are, we thought it would be remiss to not give you our tried and tested tips and tricks to ensure your new four-legged compadre has a joyful, healthy life.

At the end of the day, our dogs don’t need anything over the top. They need to be nurtured, loved and provided with basic necessities that give them a great quality of life. The supplies below are going to let your dog know that they are in a safe space with a good family that they can protect (and snuggle up with). Let’s get going then, shall we?

Nutrition and Diet Essentials

Above all else, what you feed your dog is pivotal. This may sound obvious to some but let us say it anyway: you are pretty much your dogs only hope of food unless Sausage decides to tap into her age-old hunting instincts for birds and lizards. You owe it to them to carefully consider what you are giving them to eat.

The right nutrition is going to give your dog a great chance at a long, healthy life filled with loads of energy. Speak to your vet about the most appropriate food for your new furry friend. They will suggest age-dependent kibble or home-cooked alternatives.

Pro tip: find the perfect bowl! We recommend opting for a stainless steel bowl if you are after hygiene and durability. This is a cool read on the best dog bowls for your breed of dog (if you know what dog you’re getting!) 

If you don’t know what breed of dog you’re getting because you’ve adopted from a shelter (YES!), you should be able to find out what kibble they were being fed. If you wish to change over to a more nutrient-dense diet,  integrate it and slowly remove it from their diet until they are comfortable with their new food.

Pet Insurance

Although we’re sure you were waiting with bated breath for “make your dog an advent calendar” to be on the list, we’re going to have to boot that one down a place to make room for what should be a number one priority: getting pet insurance. Your dog can’t eat, snuggle on, fetch or catch pet insurance but they will be forever grateful you had it when the time to make choices comes into play. We never want to see anybody have to go into debt, sacrifice amenities or make the choice to forego a life-saving surgery for their pet due to financial constraints. This is why we believe pet insurance is an absolute essential for any new dog-owner.

With Oneplan, we do pet insurance our way. Our policies are ‘tail-o-made’ to your needs to ensure you and your pet are getting exceptional insurance and healthcare every step of the way. We know that no two pets are the same - and so no policy can be either!

Comfort must-haves

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that comfort isn’t essential, because it is. Making sure that your dog is warm, safe and sound in your home is an integral part of getting them settled and happy in your home! Here are a few creature comforts we would recommend getting your hands on!

A cosy bed

Choose a bed that is easy to wash, durable and snuff enough for your pup to snuggle into. Make their bed special by adding any soft toys or blankets - they will love going to sleep at night if they have a cosy place to call their own.

While you're here, check out this helpful blog on how to create the ultimate den for your dog.

Oh, and for some entertainment, this one is a goodie: The World’s Most Luxurious Pet Palaces

A lead (plus a spare)

Get your doggo used to exercise and being out in the big world by having a leash from the get-go. You should never take an untrained (or trained, for that matter) dog out into public space without a lead. Make sure that the lead is comfortable and won’t cause any strangulation or discomfort when you walk your dog.

A hairbrush and flea treatment

Make sure you’re ready for a lot of grooming - a clean dog is a happy one! Regularly brushing your dog is also a part of weekly checks to keep an eye out for any changes in their skin or anywhere on their body. Regular brushing keeps their coat healthy and their health in check.

Keeping flea treatment on hand is another important one (especially if you’ve picked your dog up from a shelter or unknown home)


Yours in insurance you could cuddle, 


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