3 essential things every new cat owner needs


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things every new cat owner needs

The ultimate cat parent’s guide to ensuring your pet leads a long, healthy and happy life. (Psssst… #3 is a gamechanger).

As much as cats are independent creatures with a mind of their own, there are still some important things you need to purchase before you bring home your furry bundle of joy.

These supplies and essential items will help your cat easily adjust to his or her new home, and welcome your feline friend into a happy space where they can feel relaxed and at ease. Whilst most people will consider cats to be lower maintenance compared to their canine counterparts, there are still a number essential items and bare necessities to ensure you have in your home and in place before Whiskers comes home.

1. The right food and feeding essentials

One of the most essential items to have in your home is the right food. Choosing a quality food for your cat will provide her with the right nutrients to support her health and wellbeing.

It’s a good idea to chat with your vet about what food he or she recommends for cats or kittens. If you are adopting a cat from a shelter (kudos to you), then chat to your shelter about what food your cat is already used to and possibly start with this kibble for the first few weeks. Alternatively, mix this food into your new food for your cat so that she can get used to it.

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Pro tip: Use an automated water dispenser to automatically refill your cat’s water bowl.

Did you know that most cats are lactose intolerant? Meaning giving your cat a treat of fresh cream or milk will do more harm than good. Rather stick to water for drinking and when it comes to treats, find a pet-friendly alternative at your local pet store.

When it comes to food bowls, cats generally prefer show bowls to make it easier for them to get to their food. Try to stick to metal or ceramic bowls as these are easier to sterilise and clean. Plastic bowls tend to capture bacteria and odours.

2. Essential for comfort

When it comes to creating a comfortable environment for your cat, there are a few must-have items you need to purchase:

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The right bed

It’s important for you to create a safe and comfortable space for your cat to sleep and hang out in. Whilst she might prefer to sleep on the couch, your bed, or your face, creating a soft and comfortable place for your cat to call her own is important.

A scratching post

Although your cat’s scratching habits are not desirable, they are inevitable. Which means that you need to give your cat something to use to groom her claws, mark her territory and play with.

When finding a scratching post, try to find one that is quite tall, one that is taller than your cat when she is fully stretched out. You should also find one that is sturdy so that it doesn’t fall over or move when your cat is scratching.


Don’t waste your money on expensive and elaborate toys for your cat. Chances are, she would rather play in an empty cardboard box or with a piece of paper on the floor than some fancy flying bird toy.

If you do buy toys for your cat, look for small balls for her to chase after. Wands are especially great because you can control the toy at the end of the wand and play with your cat.

The right litter box and litter

When buying a litter box, make sure it is big enough for your cat to comfortably move around in and make a mess in. Cats typically love to dig and scratch around when doing their business, so make sure you buy a litter box that is big enough for Whiskers to go about her business as she pleases.

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Before buying a covered box, it’s best to stick to an uncovered one first as covered ones can trap in odours which your cat will not enjoy at all.

Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times more sensitive than a human’s?

When it comes to litter, make sure you choose an unscented litter. Scented litter can be off-putting for Whiskers.

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3. Pet insurance

Cats are expensive. In fact, all pets are expensive. You might be buying a whole bunch of things online for your cat right now and realising how just care, toys and food quickly start to add up.

But what happens when your cat gets sick or is involved in an accident? In doing anything for their cat, the majority of pet owners will go into debt trying to afford to save their cat’s life.

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Luckily, with pet insurance, you don’t have to dip into your savings or take out a loan. Pet insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect your cat and your bank account.

Plus, with Oneplan, we even front you with cash before you see the vet and give you the freedom to go to ANY registered vet of your choice.


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