Are rescue, rehomed and shelter dogs welcome with Oneplan? You bet they are!


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rescue, rehomed and shelter dogs

When you’re as dog-crazy as we are, you love dogs of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds. At Oneplan, we believe all dogs are created equal and deserve access to exceptional healthcare regardless of what they went through before they found their forever home with you.

Adopting a pet is no small feat (or paw). They need to be calmly introduced into your home and become acquainted with any other pets or kids you have. If you have made the fantastic decision to rehome a dog or bring in a rescue or shelter animal then the next step you should be taking is investing in some secure pet insurance. Worried that insurers may turn away a rescue dog? Some might, but we won’t.

Having an insurer that is as dog-crazy as you are can only mean good things: great insurance that has been carefully designed with your pet in mind. It also means that we understand how fulfilling it is to have adopted a pet and that their health and security is important, which is why we get excited when we can find a great policy for a pet that possibly hasn’t been insured before!

Why does anybody need pet insurance?

Before we look at why pet insurance is important for rescue pets, let’s do a quick overview of why it is an important concept in general.

Vet bills skrik vir niks. One day your pet is fine and dandy and the next you’re scrambling to find a way to fork out tens of thousands of rands just to find out what the problem is. This is before surgery and before a few days stay in the hospital, mind you.  Please believe us when we say: the numbers add up very quickly.

The way we see it is that you can never tell when things might go haywire, but you can put precautions in place to make sure you are financially protected for when and if they do.

For a better understanding of how much pet insurance costs - we have a breakdown for you right here.

The importance of insuring your shelter dog

Here’s the thing: not only do we accept shelter dogs into our insurance family, we completely encourage it! We know that with the uncertainty that comes with bringing a rescue dog into the home, the security of pet insurance can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Shelter dogs are like a box of chocolates - you never know which one you’re gonna get.

We don’t even mean this in a foreboding sense. Half the beauty of adopting a dog is that you get to learn about their personality slowly, which can be a truly joyful and rewarding process. The things that aren’t so great to find out about, however, are the things that are going to cost you cash.

Rescue pets are higher risk because unlike having a puppy from the start, you can’t account as a witness for their health history. Although a reputable shelter should be able to brief you in on what they could find out about the health and background of your pet, there is always the possibility of a surprise pre-existing condition down the line. 

Can I find insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

Well yes, you just did. At Oneplan, we pride ourselves on being an incredibly comprehensive and fair insurer and pre-existing conditions are part of the parcel in our eyes.

A pre-existing condition is any medical condition or ailment that existed in your dog’s body before you decided to take out an insurance policy - we’re sure you can see why this would be more prevalent in dogs that have been rehomed or adopted from a shelter. Despite being a costly affair, it is awful to have to watch your dog suffer because you simply don’t have the funds.

A lot of insurers exclude pre-existing conditions altogether but at Oneplan, we understand the value of providing our services to animals (and their owners) who can’t help the conditions they’ve been born with. How we operate is that we will cover your pet with a pre-existing condition after a waiting period of 12 months. Say for example you find out your pet will suffer from arthritis before you have insured him: if you make the quick decision to jump on the pet insurance wagon, it’s only one year you have to wait to be covered for a condition that you will most likely be paying for over 7 years at least.

In case you need any more information on why Oneplan Pet Insurance is simply pawsome, head on over to this read.

You’re awesome for being here and learning more about how to improve your dog’s life - and we’re excited to be a part of it.


Yours in cuddle-worthy insurance,


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