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When unexpected bills come up, that’s where we (Oneplan) come in. We know that life doesn’t always stay within the means of your budget which is why we don’t ask you to pay out of pocket and claim afterwards. Instead, we have made it possible for you to pay for your doctor’s visits before you go with the updated Oneplan App.

Fitting in a doctor's appointment for you or your kids is not an easy task - it takes time and energy and if you happen to be worried about your consult and how you’re going to be able to pay on the spot for a bill you didn’t anticipate before you claim, you can start to take strain. With everything that goes on in our day to day lives, we don’t want to add any extra pressure. In fact, not only do we not want to add pressure - we want to alleviate it. This is where your Onecard comes in.

What is a Onecard?

In case you came here by accident and you have no idea about the aforementioned Onecard, here’s a little break down:

The Onecard is for Oneplan health and/or pet policy owners who want to load their claims before they visit the doctor or vet. It’s very simple: your Onecard is a transactional claims card that has the same functions as a debit card. You load it, you visit your doctor and you swipe at the pay point. Boom bam, thank you, ma’am!

Onecard is one of the ideas we knew we had to run with to make sure you have hassle-free insurance that is on the ball and ahead of the game. We have our eyes on innovation and keep up with how technology and accessible insurance can improve the security of everyday people like you and me.

If you have a health policy with us your Onecard is for ensuring you are covered for day-to-day care and doctors visits. Why? Because we know that it isn’t just the big emergencies that add up and we are adamant on providing you with more than just a hospital plan.

How to make it happen

You’ve got your policy and you’ve registered on the Oneplan App (if you haven’t done so we suggest heading here to get you started). You’ll also have to have already booked your doctor's appointment and found out how much the consult will cost. The rest is super easy:

  1. Login to the Oneplan App using your current policy number and password.
  2. Using the menu icons, select the cover you want to claim for.
  3. Select “my claims”
  4. Select “load claim”
  5. Select the item that you want to claim for (dentistry, blood tests, doctors visit etc)
  6. Fill in the required information: the date you are going to see your doctor, who is seeing the doctor and which Onecard you want to load the claim onto.
  7. Select “process claim”
  8. Relax and all the best for your appointment!

Your Onecard will make wrapping up your appointment efficient and stress-free. Getting in and out of doctors offices isn’t great under normal circumstances and with COVID19 precautions the “get in and get out” attitude is rife. Lucky for you, swiping your Onecard eliminates all the administration of filling in forms or paying personally.

Why Oneplan?

Our health insurance policies are completely comprehensive and go above and beyond basic hospital plans. We truly believe that everybody should have access to exceptional healthcare when the time comes. That includes the illnesses, accidents and routine check-ups (speaking of which - do yourself a favour and refresh your memory about routine healthcare here) that are a part of everyday life. At the end of the day, we get it: money isn’t always there when you need it and they don’t call the ‘unexpected’ the ‘unexpected’ for nothing.

We wanted to tell you a little more about what makes us awesome, so we made a list

  1. We front you with cash before you see your doctor of choice
  2. We give you the freedom to go to any doctor of your choosing
  3. We include a wide range of benefits in all of our plans
  4. We have incredible benefits for families which include maternity cover and discounted rates for family members insured on your plan
  5. We include death and funeral cover in our plans
  6. We have an amazing range of plans for you to choose from based on your budget and healthcare needs

Yours in hassle-free health insurance designs with your health in mind,


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