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insurance policies for ALL South Africans

It’s no secret that South Africa is a tricky place to navigate - on the one end it is the place our hearts call home but on the other, it is a place where we worry that what belongs to us will be taken by people it doesn’t belong to. Here is how to keep yourself and your possessions protected in the event you become another statistic of crime in South Africa.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had something stolen from you. Yes? Now raise your hand if you were met with…

“But did you lock your doors?”

“Why were you there alone?”

“Were you aware of your surroundings?”

It seems that a culture has been created in South Africa that if you get robbed, hijacked or even tricked that there is a certain amount of blame that is placed on the victim rather than the perpetrator. Here at Oneplan, we are on your side always and want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for any losses you may suffer.

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at some of the stats we were speaking about. This isn’t a trick to make you scared and fearful, but rather to give some perspective on just why it is so incredibly important to insure that your car, home and health are taken care of. Let us walk you through the top three insurance policies (the holy trinity of policies, if you will)  you should have as a South African citizen: Health, home and vehicle insurance.

Home is where the heart is

Except home is also where all your belongings are. It is where your family sleeps soundly. It is where your memories are, your important documents and where you envision being safe. Home invasions are the number one crime experienced by South Africans (a whopping 5.8% of households were broken into in 2019 - that is 1.3 million incidents of home invasion). With numbers like those, you would either be crazy or an eternal optimist to not believe your home should be insured.

Your household contents (imagine turning your house upside down and everything that falls out, you can consider your household contents) are valuable and Oneplan will make sure that you are covered in the event of theft AND attempted theft, acts of God (you know, the freaky stuff that happens out of the blue) and of course water and fire damage. We will help to guide you to make sure all the guidelines are met in order for you to be covered so you aren’t left blindsided when things happen that are out of your control.

Health is wealth

Health (and life) insurance is second on the list of our recommended policies to have as a South African citizen. 2020 has been one extended lesson on how quickly your health can change and just how important it is to know that you can be healthy and in good knick for yourself and your family.

According to the Department of South African Statistics, “In 2018/19 there were more or less 500 000 incidences of assault experienced by 0,7% of individuals aged 16 or above. The most likely victims of assault were males and the young”. This coupled with the staggering 12 000 murders (in the household)  committed in 2019 makes insuring your health and life are no brainer. You can find out more about what our health insurance offers by clicking right here.

Our health insurance policy includes death cover so that in the highly unfortunate event that one of our clients dies as a result of injury, their family is looked after and allowed the time to grieve without having to stress about insurance and how to get by. In the event of traumatic experiences, our policy also extends the offer of 24-hour emergency trauma response hotline and up to three counselling sessions valued at R3000 for victims of trauma-inducing incidents.

As a South African insurance broker, we know the problems of every day South Africans, one of which is being exposed to HIV. Being covered by Oneplan with a health insurance policy will mean that in the event of exposure, you will be given top priority medical attention to prevent or manage the virus both physically and psychologically.

Hit the road (hi)jack

At the risk of sounding too doom and gloom, here is another fun fact about South African crime! In 2018/19 there were more or less 32 000 vehicles stolen or hijacked, including large trucks. Insuring your vehicle is pretty much compulsory in the country we live in and something you will definitely get lambasted for at the next Sunday braai in the event your vehicle is stolen and you are uninsured.

Our vehicle insurance is possibly one the simplest things you will ever do and you would kick yourself for not doing it if you knew how quick and seamless the process is. Insuring your vehicle halves the stress of experiencing a hijacking or vehicle theft by removing the “where on earth am I going to find the cash to replace my car” angst.

We live in a beautiful country with endless potential. We believe that even in the midst of the worst happening, you deserve exceptional health care and home or vehicle cover. In fact, we believe you deserve all three. To get a quote, head over here to get the ball rolling.

Yours in simple, hassle-free insurance,


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