Put Your Health First In 2020: 4 Reasons Why You Need Health Insurance


Jade Poole

Health Insurance Explained

If your New Year’s resolutions have anything to do with living a healthier life and saving money, then this article was written just for you! Here’s how health insurance gives you instant access to private healthcare and is the affordable alternative to medical aid. 

It can be tempting to go without coverage such as health insurance and medical aid, especially if you are someone who never gets sick. A number of young adults (here’s looking at you, millennials), may feel that they are healthy enough to skip out on healthcare coverage in an attempt to save money. 

But what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when you get really, really sick and need urgent medical care? Sure you can risk it out at a public hospital, most of which are often understaffed and ill-equipped, resulting in a number of patients not receiving the care they need, or you can look at more affordable forms of healthcare cover such as health insurance. 

This article dives into health insurance and how this can help put your health first and save you money in the New Year.

Start 2020 right and put your health first

A number of us tend to make New Year’s resolutions that have something to do with our health - whether this is losing weight or trying to be better at regular health check-ups with our doctors and dentist, and of course, there is always one that focuses on the aspect of saving money. 

Perhaps you want to save money to help you afford your dream home, or a new TV or a car. Maybe you want to go on holiday somewhere. No matter what your financial and health New Year’s resolutions are, health insurance can help you achieve them. And here’s how…

1. Health insurance is an affordable way to ensure you always receive the best healthcare possible

Here’s what you might not know - health insurance is really, really affordable. 

How it works is that you choose a plan based on your budget and your healthcare needs. Each plan will have a list of coverage benefits and limits. A limit is the maximum amount of cover your insurer will pay in the event of a claim. 

Unlike medical aid which is required by law to cover unpredictably high medical costs, health insurance gives you an exact amount of cover you will receive and what kind of events you are covered for. 

Have a look at this blog which explores the ins and outs of health insurance and how it works. 

2. Protect your bank account from unexpected and high medical costs

Oneplan health

Medical emergencies are incredibly expensive and unpredictable - you never know when something is going to go wrong. 

If you ever find yourself in a medical emergency and you do not have insurance, then it is very easy to land up in a crippling amount of medical debt. 

You might think that because you take good care of your health and are rarely sick, you have a low risk of facing a medical emergency. But what happens when you miss that last step on the staircase and dislocate your ankle? Or you are involved in a car accident you had no control over. Even emergency surgeries like an appendectomy can cost tens of thousands of rands. 

It is incredibly hard to afford medical bills without insurance, even if you only spend one night in hospital. 

3. Preventive care and early diagnosis and treatment

If you do not have any form of healthcare cover in place to help pay for private medical bills, then you might avoid seeking treatment for minor issues, some of which can quickly escalate into more serious issues. Preventive medication and early detection are effective ways to ensure you avoid potentially expensive hospital stays. 

If you are covered with health insurance, then you do not need to worry about the costs of routine care and day-to-day costs for GP visits etc. 

Health insurance is a great way to encourage regular check-ups with your doctor. If you know you are covered for GP visits and scripted medication, then this means you won’t put off seeing your doctor when you have a minor ailment which could develop into something more serious. 

4. Health insurance that pays you before you see your doctor and include a wide range of day-to-day benefits

At Oneplan, we front you with the cash you need BEFORE you see your doctor and let you go to any doctor of your choice. 

All of our plans include benefits for not just accidents and hospital stays, but for day-to-day healthcare costs too! 

Here are some of our awesome benefits: 

  1. Scripted medication 

  2. Dentist cover 

  3. Optometry cover 

  4. Maternity cover 

  5. Specialist cover (on our Executive Plan)

  6. Funeral cover 

  7. GP visits

We also have a dedicated team of qualified nurses for you to chat with about any health concerns you may have. 


Happy New Year from all of us at Oneplan! 

Yours in hassle-free health insurance, 


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