Oneplan Hospital Cover: Our Simple Guide To Health Insurance With Hospital Cover Benefits


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Oneplan Hospital Cover

Did you know that a deposit alone for a private hospital can cost between R3 000 and R50 000? Our hospital cover will give you instant access to private hospitals and help save you from some of the financial stress of healthcare bills. And don’t forget, our healthcare cover is so much more than just a hospital plan, we include a range of day-to-day benefits too. Here’s everything you need to know. 

We created our health insurance to be hassle-free and affordable because we believe that as a hardworking South African, you deserve the best medical care available. 

Why you need health insurance

The sad reality is that relying on public healthcare facilities does not always guarantee great healthcare, let alone adequate treatment. 

Our public clinics and hospitals lack the funding, staff and equipment to cater for all the South Africans in need of medical attention. Resulting in thousands of patients waiting in line for hours on end in hopes of seeing a doctor, and in many cases, patients are denied medical care and even hospital beds due to the severe lack of resources at so many government facilities.  

Which is why forms of healthcare cover like medical aid and health insurance were created. If you want to know more about the differences between health insurance and medical aid, check out this article.

Having health insurance or medical aid (or both!) can help save you from both expected and unexpected medical bills associated with private healthcare. 

Health insurance with Oneplan 

If you have health insurance with us, then you may already know that we include a range of benefits in each one of our healthcare plans. Our benefits range from GP visits (we even front you with the cash you need BEFORE you see your doctor of choice), dentist visits, blood tests, specialist care (for our top plan) and hospital cover. 

Each of our healthcare plans includes extensive hospital cover benefits. The amount of cover you have and your specific benefits will depend on your chosen plan. 

Here is what you need to know:

Hospital cover with Oneplan

Hospital Cover Benefits

Casualty Illness

These are emergency treatments for illnesses that do not require overnight hospital stays. Casualty refers to the emergency department in a private hospital. 

What you are covered for: 

Treatment and procedures in casualty for life-threatening conditions.

Casualty Accident

These are emergency treatments for accidents that do not require overnight hospital stays. 

What you are covered for: 

Treatment and procedures in casualty for injuries that require immediate treatment and are life-threatening (life-threatening means that if you do not get treatment within an hour of the issue, it will result in permanent damage to you).


An illness is a disease or sickness that started after your cover began.

If an illness is the result of an accident, it will be covered under illness and not accident cover. For example, if you are in a car accident and contract pneumonia in hospital - this illness will be covered under illness cover.

What you are covered for: 

Treatments and procedures that need hospital admission. 


Accidents, also known as emergencies, are the things you didn’t see coming.

For example, you are involved in a car crash and you need immediate medical attention and are rushed to the hospital.

What you are covered for: 

Treatments and procedures that require hospital admission. 

Have a look at this article on everything you need to know about accident and illness cover. 

Dread disease

A dread disease is a serious illness such as a heart attack or cancer. These sorts of health conditions tend to accumulate very expensive healthcare and doctor bills.

Some examples of dread disease include:

  • heart attack, 

  • coronary artery disease requiring surgery, 

  • heart valve replacement, 

  • aorta surgery, 

  • stroke, 

  • cancer, 

  • acute kidney failure, 

  • brain tumours and 

  • major organ transplants.

What you are covered for: 

Heart attack, coronary artery disease requiring surgery, heart valve replacement.

Surgery to the aorta/aneurysm, Stroke, Cancer, Major organ transplant, Brain tumours.

Find out more about our dread disease cover in this article. 


This refers to an injury or accident that restricts your ability to perform everyday tasks, such as loss of sight, loss of a limb, being paralysed etc. 

What you are covered for: 

Injuries that result in you not being able to use your limbs or permanent disability that occur within 12 months from an accident.

The final word

Did you know that a hospital stay can cost R2 000 a day, and that’s just for your bed and food? This does not include any additional treatment, surgery and specialist fees. 

This is why it pays to have health insurance to not only give you instant access to the best private healthcare facilities in the country but give you peace of mind in knowing your health is in the best hands when you need medical attention. 

Yours in affordable health insurance


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