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Jade Poole

Oneplan Pet Insurance for Cats

We get it, cats are less of an insurance risk. They tend to always land on their feet, try their best to stay out of danger and spend the majority of their days sleeping. So, it’s about time your cat cost you less for pet insurance compared to their canine friends. 

Pet insurance is something many responsible pet parents decide to purchase in order to protect their bank accounts from both expected and unexpected vet bills, as well as to allow their pet to receive the best possible care that money can buy. 

Before we get into our new pawesome benefit that lets you insure the health of your cat for less, let’s first dig into why it pays to have pet insurance…

The benefits of pet insurance 

  1. Your pet is covered for expensive accidents and illnesses

  2. Some pet healthcare plans include cover for routine care costs (we certainly do!)

  3. Regular vet visits will help extend your pet’s life 

  4. Protects you from dipping into your savings or credit card 

  5. Vet bills are on the rise as medical treatments and procedures improve and advance 

  6. You never have to choose between your bank account and your pet 

  7. Oneplan Pet pays you before you see the vet 

  8. Oneplan Pet lets you go to any vet of your choice 

  9. Your older pet will have a better quality of life in having treatments and medications readily available 

  10. Oneplan Pet offers a multi-pet discount 

Why it pays to insure the health of your cat

Oneplan Pet Insurance

Many cat owners opt not to insure the health of their cats as they hardly ever visit the vet. And at first, that might make more financial sense. But when you start to think about unexpected and often costly costs that can arise from accidents (when your cat gets involved in a fight with the local tomcat) or illness (when your cat is diagnosed with a serious condition), then pet owners tend to experience a major wake up call (as do their budgets). 

An overnight stay at the vet can set you back R2000 for specialised care. That’s not including the costs of scripted medication or procedures such as surgery. 

The cost of pet care is something many owners do not take into consideration when getting a pet. A vert visit might only cost you R500 (more or less), but when it comes to accidents and illnesses, you can face a vet bill of R10 000 or more. 

Why you need to insure the health of your older cat

As with humans, the older your cat gets, the more likely he or she is to develop a chronic illness. 

Some vets recommend that older pets have two annual checkups in order for any underlying conditions to be detected and quickly treated. 

Surgeries for older pets also require special care, which means higher costs. 

Have a look at this article for a breakdown on why it makes financial sense to get pet insurance for your older cat

Why you need to insure the health of your kitten

Whilst insurance for older cats may seem to make a little more sense as older pets are more prone to developing serious diseases or illnesses, there are also a number of reasons as to why you need to insure the health of your kitten. 

In fact, insuring your cat at a younger age will not only save you from unexpected vet bills, but it will also promote regular vet visits and healthcare which will help your cat lead a healthier and longer life. 

The first thing you need to know about kittens is that they are inherently curious little creatures. Their curious natures can increase their risk of getting into tricky situations resulting in injuries. 

Kittens are also clumsy and haven’t quite found their feet just yet. This means that your kitten runs the risk of falling from a height and hurting him or herself quite badly. 

Your kitten’s immune system is also not fully developed yet. Meaning she is prone to diseases. 

Oneplan cat insurance

Although insuring the health of your cat comes with a long list of benefits, as mentioned, we understand that cats aren’t quite as costly to care for compared to dogs. Which is why we recently changed the way our insurance works to better accommodate for cat paw parents. 

Here’s how this pricing structure works…

Pet Hospital Plan

Per Dog: R 155 pm

Per Cat: R 140 pm

Pet Classic Plan

Per Dog: R 299 pm

Per Cat: R 278 pm

Pet Super Plan

Per Dog: R 430 pm

Per Cat: R 410 pm

Which pet healthcare plan is best for me and my pet?

This will depend on your budget and your cat’s healthcare needs. We always advise that you have a chat with your vet about what kind of healthcare plan he or she recommends you go for. 

Yours in quality & cuddle-worthy pet insurance


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