Is Health Insurance The Same Thing As A Hospital Plan?


Jade Poole

Health Insurance vs A Hospital Plan

Health insurance is so much more than just a hospital plan. With Oneplan, not only do we include cover for day-to-day benefits, we even pay you before you see the doctor. The best part? Health insurance is affordable. 

We dive into the differences between health insurance and a hospital plan to give you a breakdown on everything you need to know to make an informed choice for your health (and your budget)...

Let’s face it, medical aid is expensive. 

And although this essential form of healthcare cover helps you to afford both expected and unexpected doctor and hospital bills, many of us simply cannot afford to have medical aid. 

Because of this we often turn to cheaper options such as hospital plans. But what if we told you that there is another (and in some cases, more affordable) alternative to medical aid and hospital plans? It’s called health insurance

What is health insurance?

This is one of our favourite questions and one we love to dive right into. 

The simple answer is that health insurance is a form of short term insurance that gives you instant access to private healthcare in exchange for a monthly premium. 

Depending on your insurer, you will choose a plan that suits your healthcare needs and pay a monthly amount for this cover. 

Read: Health Insurance FAQ: Simple Answers To Complex Questions (hint - this is a great article to cover the basic questions everyone asks about health insurance and it will give you a thorough understanding on this form of insurance). 

Is health insurance the same thing as medical aid?

Although both health insurance and medical aid will give you access to private healthcare facilities, these are two different forms of cover. 

Simply put, health insurance gives you a setlist of benefits (what you are covered for) and limits (the maximum amount of money your insurer will pay in the event of a claim). Whereas medical aid, the more comprehensive and expensive option between the two, has to cover, by law, some serious and costly medical procedures. 

If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation between these two products, then check out this article on the topic

What kind of cover does health insurance include?

The first thing you need to know is that not all health insurers are created equal. Some health insurance plans will include cover for accidents and emergencies only, and others will also include day-to-day benefits too. 

It’s up to you to find a plan that best suits your budget and gives you great benefits in return. We will get more into the benefits included in Oneplan Health Insurance later on in this article

The difference between health insurance and a hospital plan

What is a hospital plan?

Hospital plans are often seen as the entry-level option for medical aid as they are more affordable compared to medical aid cover. 

If you have comprehensive medical aid, then you can expect to pay anywhere between R2000 to R5000 or more a month for your plan. 

A hospital plan is more suited to healthy and younger people as they cost less in premiums (roughly R1500 to R2000) but cover fewer medical procedures and costs. 

A hospital plan will only cover private hospital admittance. These plans are created for inpatient hospital-related procedures and treatments. You are then responsible for any day-to-day bills and out-of-hospital costs such as visits to the doctor or prescription medication. 

What makes health insurance different from a hospital plan?

Oneplan Health Insurance (2)

Health insurance with Oneplan is so much more than just hospital cover. 

What we mean by this is that not only will you receive cover for inpatient costs, but each one of our healthcare plans includes cover for day-to-day benefits. 

1. We pay you before you see the doctor

At Oneplan, not only do we include cover for doctor visits and scripted medication, but we front you with the cash you need for your GP visit before you get to your appointment. 

We make this possible through the use of our unique and smart Onecard claims system. All you have to do is log into our Oneplan app and preload your claim. We will then send the funds needed (according to the benefits and limits of your chosen plan) to your Onecard for you to swipe and use the same way you would a debit card.

2. Cover for routine healthcare checkups

Have you been putting off seeing your dentist or optometrist simply because you cannot afford it? With us, we include cover for dental checkups and optometry

Our top plan also includes cover for specialist visits. 

3. Healthcare cover for your family, for less

Another awesome benefit of health insurance is that the more family members you insure on your policy, the less each of them will pay for their monthly premium. 

4. Extra benefits and cover

Not only do we cover you for accidents, illness and even maternity costs, we also include cover for dread disease and family death (funeral cover). 

How much does health insurance cost?

Our plans start from R380 a month and go up to R1300 for our most comprehensive plan. 

What inpatient benefits does health insurance include?

All of our plans include extensive hospital cover benefits. From accidents and illness, to dread disease and disability. 

Our top plan covers up to R300 000 per insured event for accidents. Our Core Plan covers up to R150 000 per insured event.

Find out more about our plans and benefits here.

Which form of healthcare cover is right for me?

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to research and find a plan that best suits your healthcare needs and your budget. The great thing about health insurance is that we include day-to-day benefits whereas a hospital plan only includes cover for inpatient costs. 

Yours in affordable health insurance, 


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