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We get that life is complicated, which is why we designed insurance that is easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to use. In sticking to this promise, we have recently updated our Oneplan App. It’s smarter, simpler and helps to make today better.

At Oneplan, we do everything we can to make your day better.

Our car and home insurance offer flexible cover you can tailor to your lifestyle. We let you choose how much cover you want based on the price you can afford. This means you have total control over your insurance policy and your monthly premium. Not to mention that our car insurance is ALWAYS comprehensive.

Moving to our health and pet insurance, our easy and simple claims system lets you preload a claim and depending on your chosen plan, we will front you with the cash you need BEFORE visiting your healthcare provider.

Did we mention we also let you go to any doctor or vet of your choice?

And let’s not forget our extra little insurance product that is available to you from the moment you join the Oneplan Family, On-The-Go Insurance. This is easy and instant insurance for items on the move with you. Going away for the weekend and want to insure your camera for a few days? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

From car, home, pet, health and on-the-go, we consistently strive to stay one step ahead. Which is why we recently renovated, updated, improved and changed our Oneplan App.

Here’s what we did…

9 changes to the Oneplan App

1. Quick access for emergency assistance

Your safety is our top priority, because of this, you can now get immediate access to emergency assistance without having to log in to the app.

All you have to do is open the app and push the emergency button on the app login screen. We have a dedicated 24/7 emergency line for situations like this.

2. A simple and easy to use look and feel

The first thing you will notice when logging into the app is the simple and easy flow of the new design.

We gave our app a whole new makeover and created a new look and feel that is easy to use and easy to understand.

3. Easily upgrade or downgrade your policy

We know that life changes, which is why your insurance should be able to change with it. You now have the flexibility to upgrade your downgrade your policy by selecting ‘My Cover’ in your app. This will allow you to change your policy with the push of a button.

4. Find all of your claims in one section

For simple and easy access, we grouped our policy management features.

For example, you can find all of your claim functions under ‘My Claims’. This saves you time and makes uploading claim documents easier than ever before.

5. All the information you need in one place

All of the information about your policy, your banking details and any general information is now grouped together and found when you select ‘My Information’. 

6. Keep up to date on the latest news and happenings at Oneplan

We do some pretty awesome things at Oneplan, so we thought you might want to know about these events. We have included a News feature in the app for you to know what we are getting up to.

This feature also lets you find out about any changes, developments and benefits regarding your insurance policies.

7. Take a video to validate your car or household items

We mentioned we like to make your life easier, and what’s easier than taking a video to validate your car or household items?

With the new app update, we have included a video feature that lets you take photos OR a video of your items to validate them.

This means you can record a video of your home contents or vehicle, upload this to the app and our team will then validate your items and activate your cover.

8. Add another insurance product with the click of a button

After logging in, you can simply and easily add another Oneplan Insurance Product on your home screen without having to phone us.

9. Make sure your family is covered

If you have a health insurance policy with us, then we allow you to cover the health of your family members too!

All you have to do is select ‘My Cover’, then select ‘Add Member’. You can then set up the details of an additional family member under your health insurance cover.

Additional features:

●     Manage your personal information

●     Manage your claims

●     Manage your card

●     In-app chat function - Chat with one of our friendly support team members about any policy queries you might have.

Upgrade your Oneplan App today to make today better.

Yours in simple, hassle-free insurance,


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