7 Spring Cleaning Tips: Declutter And Organise Your Home In Half The Time With These Hacks


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Spring is here. The flowers are blooming. The birds are singing. But our homes, cluttered and dusty, are still stuck with a case of winter blues. Get a head start on spring cleaning this year with these awesome tips…

A proper spring clean isn’t something that happens overnight.

You may have to spend a few days or even a week or so properly getting into the swing of it. It takes time, and what’s more, it takes some commitment.

Did you know that spring cleaning your home lightens your mood, improves your health (by ridding your home of dust and other allergens), increases your productivity, and it’s good exercise?

Have a look at some of the awesome benefits of spring cleaning here.

Here’s how to spring clean and organise your home this season…

1. Create a schedule

Have a look around your home - what rooms and areas need the most work?

What places do you usually skip or ignore when you clean your home?

Maybe it’s the boxes you have never unpacked, or worse, the dreaded garage - it’s a good idea to start with these rooms.

Create a plan of what rooms you want to start with - and stick to it!

2. Start to declutter

Once you have created a schedule of the rooms you want to start with, the next step is to start ridding your home of clutter.

Researchers found that a cluttered and disorganised home can lead to stress.

Set aside some time and add these to do tips into your schedule:

  1. Organise and sort through your closets - chuck out any clothes you haven’t worn in a long time and donate them to charity.
  2. Organise, clean and vacuum your office space
  3. Sort through those dreaded junk drawers - you know the one filled with old batteries, keys and slips.

3. Work from the ceilings to the floor

When you start the clean and dust the tops of cupboards and shelves, all the dust will then unsettle and move down to the floor.

If you work from top to bottom, then you do not have to keep re-cleaning or re-dusting surfaces.

Expert tip: Use the extension hose of your vacuum to get to cobwebs and dust in your ceilings and fans.

After this, you can then dust your furniture and other belongings before you vacuum all the debris and dust off of your floor.

4. Don’t forget the windows and walls

So many of us forget that the windows and walls need some love too. Using a damp cloth, wipe down your walls, starting from the top.

Then wipe down your blinds and window panes.

When it comes to the glass of your windows, use some window cleaner (an eco-friendly one is always a good option), and follow the instructions on this.

5. Tackle the bathrooms and kitchen

Don’t be afraid of your bathrooms and kitchen.

Yes, there might be a whole lot of gunk and grime that’s hidden in secret places, but you are brave, strong and ready to do this!

In fact, here is a handy and helpful spring cleaning checklist to help you get started.

Here are some trouble areas to focus on:


  1. Take everything out of your fridge and clean it out - wiping down the shelves and throwing out anything that is expired.
  2. Wipe the inside and tops of cabinets
  3. Clean your extractor fan if you have one


  1. If you have a shower curtain, then it’s time to swap it out for a new one
  2. Go through your toiletries, cosmetics and medicine cabinet - organise these and chuck out anything that has expired

6. Don’t forget to protect yourself from allergies

If you suffer from spring allergies, then it’s a good idea to protect yourself from any allergens like dust that unsettles during spring cleaning.

Wear rubber gloves and a mask to protect yourself.

7. Bring some colours and light into your home

While you are cleaning your home, if you find any spaces or areas that seem heavy and dark, then try painting the room a new colour or getting lighter curtains.

Adding in new and colourful throw pillows and green plants are great ways to lighten up your home.

Replace old linen, towels and bedding with new ones - this is bound to bring some spring into your home.

Make sure you are covered for the unexpected

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