Pet Insurance Basics: The Difference Between Accident and Illness Cover


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If you are scratching your head over the difference between accident and illness cover, then we have the simple answers to your questions in this pawesome guide…

At Oneplan, we believe in making pet insurance easy to understand, easy to use and easy to apply.

We get that life is complicated, which is why we make sure our pet insurance isn’t. You shouldn’t have to spend all of your time trying to decode the fine print of your policy (pet insurance contract), instead, you should be out in the garden playing with Bruno or loving your precious Whiskers.

Which is why we have created this expert and simple guide to understanding some of the basics of your pet cover.

Your pet insurance cover

When you are researching pet insurance, you might have realised that there are different types of cover and benefits.

Some of these include:

●     Vet visits

●     Routine care

●     Accident cover

●     Illness cover

Some pet plans include all of these benefits, such as our Pet Classic Plan and Super Plan. Other plans, like our Pet Hospital Plan only offers benefits for emergency care.

Then there are other terms like limits, waiting periods, exclusions and pre-existing conditions.

It can all be pretty overwhelming, and we get it! Choosing the right pet insurance means doing a lot of research and understanding exactly what you are covered for, and more importantly, what you are not. 

So, to make your life easier, let’s start with accident and illness cover...

What is accident cover?

Accidents are the terrible events that you didn’t see coming. If your pet is involved in an accident, such as he or she gets in a fight with another pet or is hit by a car, then you will need to rush them to the vet immediately.

To be considered an accident, it needs to have resulted in an injury (bruises, scrapes and other bodily harm). Accidents do not include issues that have developed over time such as bone issues or sores on your pet’s body.

Accident-only cover

If you are only looking for accident-only cover, then our Pet Accident Cover plan is a great option!

For only R55 a month you will get R8000 cover for accidents every year.

Bear in mind that this sort of plan will not include visits to the vet such as check-ups, or routine care. These costs will come out of our own pocket.

Any accident-only pet cover is usually the most basic level of pet cover you can get, and as such, it is also the most affordable.

What is illness cover?

An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your cover began. It is an unexpected disease, sickness or a visible change to your precious pet’s wellbeing.

An illness is not caused by an injury to your pet. Examples of an illness include ear infections, stomach issues or ear infections.

Keep in mind that illness cover does not include medical expenses that result from you not vaccinating your pet.

Accident and illness cover

At Oneplan, Pet Hospital Plan is the next step up from our accident-only cover.

For R142 a month, this plan includes:

Accident cover up to R32 000 and up to R30 00 in illness cover.

This plan also includes kennel fees of up to R150 per day (with an annual limit of R1500). This kennel cover is not for when you go on holiday. This comes into play due to you experiencing an unexpected health event, resulting in you not being able to look after your pet.

Which plan should I choose?

It can be tricky to know which pet insurance plan to choose.

It’s a good idea to look at your budget and the health needs of your pet.

If your pet is healthy, does not have any health risks and is young, then our Pet Accident Cover is great to help cover the costs any unexpected emergencies.

However, if you want more cover (it’s always a good idea to have more cover if you can afford it), then we recommend going for our Pet Hospital Plan and this plan includes amazing cover for emergency and unexpected costs.

A high-risk pet

If your pet’s breed is renowned for having health issues, for example, pugs are known for breathing issues and surgery to correct this can cost R10 000 or more, then you should look into a more comprehensive plan.

Take a look at our Pet Classic Plan and Pet Super Plan.

Both of these pet plans include cover for accidents and illnesses, as well as cover for vet visits and routine care.

The best part is that we even pay you before you see the vet.

If you need any help or assistance in finding the right plan for you and your best furry friend, then give us a call and we can go what you need to know.

Yours in cuddle-worthy pet insurance,


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