What’s The Plan? How To Afford Unexpected Doctor Visits (And The Expected Visits Too!)


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Facial rash on your wedding day? Cough that won’t go away? Find out about how you can afford private healthcare when you need it most.

What to do when things go wrong

Here’s the situation…

Picture this scenario in your mind.

It’s your wedding day - one of the biggest days of your life. Everything has finally come together. The months of planning. The flowers. The food. The dress. Even your estranged aunt who you didn’t want to invite seems to be keeping it together.

You start to notice your face feels flushed and itchy. You pin it down to nerves and brush it off.

Then, 15 minutes before your cue to walk down the aisle, you break out in the worst case of hives ever seen (well, at least it feels like it).

But, because all of your budget and money have gone into the wedding fund, you have no money to see your doctor.

What do you do?

How can you afford access to private healthcare without medical aid?

Good question.

It’s called health insurance

The thing is, accidents happen.

You can’t predict when things go wrong, but you can prepare for when they do.

From a fall down the stairs, having a cold that seems to just get worse with each day that passes (even your gran’s chicken soup can’t cure this cold), or if you are just in need a check-up - these are all medical situations that cost money. And in some cases, a lot of money.

However, with health insurance, we can help cover the costs of your medical bills.

Health insurance is basically an affordable alternative to medical aid.

Here’s how health insurance works

Many people are under the impression that medical aid is the only form of medical cover there is to allow them to afford private healthcare.

However, there is another option. Health insurance.

For a monthly premium, health insurance helps to cover the costs of medical bills.

What’s the difference between health insurance and medical aid?

If you are wondering why health insurance is more affordable compared to medical aid, then you will want to keep reading…

Medical aid is required by law to cover sometimes unpredictable medical costs in the event of a claim. This means that medical aid sometimes has to cover extremely high medical bills.

Health insurance will pay you a set amount for your claims according to your cover limits.

For example, if you have chosen our Blue Plan which costs R690 a month and you suffer from an accident, then our cover limit is up to R190 000 per insured event.

If you want to visit the doctor, then we pay up to R330 per visit.

This means that you know EXACTLY how much cover you have and for what.

You can see why health insurance is such an amazing alternative to medical aid and for a small monthly premium, you can afford private healthcare.

Why Oneplan is the plan to choose

We wanted to tell you why Oneplan is the insurer to pick, so we made a list...

We pay you before you see your doctor (and any doctor you like)

We have changed the way claiming works.

Instead of you having to wait until the end of the month to see your doctor, all you have to do is login to our Oneplan App and load your claim. We will then transfer the money to your Onecard.

Your Onecard is sent to you the moment you sign up with us.

You use this card to swipe at your doctor’s office, just how you would use a debit card.

It’s that easy.

That means that you don’t have to fill in pages of paperwork and wait weeks to get refunded for your claim.

We pay you right now and upfront.

Team of nurses to chat to

Got a medical question that needs answering?

On our smart Oneplan App we have a team of nurses ready and waiting to answer all of your medical questions.

Get the advice you need in the palm of your hand.

More than just a hospital plan

With Oneplan, it’s more than just a hospital plan. Our plans include cover for:

●        Doctor visits

●        Scripted medication

●        Pathology (blood tests)

●        Radiology (X-rays)

●        Maternity cover

●        Dental cover

●        Optometry cover

●        Accident

●        Illness

●        Dread disease

●        Maternity care

●        Ambulance and emergency services

Where to from here?

If you want to know a little more about how health insurance works, then have a look at our article on the topic right here.

If you want to find out a little more about our plans or where to get started, then get in touch with our team and we will happily answer any questions you have!

So, the next time someone asks you ‘What’s the plan?’ Your answer is Oneplan.

Yours in hassle-free health insurance,


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