Cover for items on the move with you - insurance that goes where you go (even if it’s just for a few days)


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Insurance for the little things you love. Insurance that goes where you go - Everything you need to know about Oneplan’s awesome little add-on insurance product - On-The-Go Insurance. For the little things that matter.

If you are a client of Oneplan, then this automatically unlocks a great little product called On-The-Go Insurance.

So, this means that you have to have an active Oneplan policy in either household insurance, car insurance, health insurance or pet insurance.

What is On-The-Go Insurance?

Great question. 

It’s instant, simple insurance for valuable items on the move with you.

Let’s give you an example…

You just booked a weekend away for you and your friends in the Kruger.

You will no doubt be bringing your camera along with you. But the thing is, you don’t have insurance for your camera because it rarely leaves the house.

No problem. You can insure your item for the 3 days you are going away and then simply turn off your insurance when your camera is home safe again.

How much is my item insured for?

It gets even better…

Oneplan will cover you for the full price of your item.

Basically, we work out the number of days you want to be covered for and the value of the item. We then give you an amount which you can pay using your credit card the moment you activate On-The-Go.

Head’s up!

You need to make sure you cover your items for their NEW replacement value. So, this means that if you bought your camera for R1500 a year ago, but now the same camera can be bought brand new for R1000, make sure that that is the value you insure your camera for.

What kind of items am I covered for with On-The-Go?

There is a long list of specific items we cover you for.

Some of these include:

●        Handbags, briefcases and similar items, and anything they contain - pretty awesome, right?

●        Clothing and leather clothes - we know how pricey your favourite coat is, and how much you love it!

●        Items you would normally wear or carry, including sports equipment you own or are legally

●        responsible for

●        iPods, MP3 players and other portable audio and visual equipment - such as a portable DVD

●        player

●        Baby pushcarts and car seats

●        Bicycles

●        Wheelchairs

●        Musical instruments (as long as this musical instrument is not used as your main source of income)

●        The crazy sound you installed in your car

●        Cameras and photographic equipment

●        GPS devices

●        Electronic games and sound or audiovisual recording equipment and their accessories

●        Camping, fishing and diving equipment

●        Horse riding equipment

●        Hang gliders, parachutes, windsurfers, canoes, sailboards, surfboard and kiteboards - so if you love the great outdoors, you can do so worry-free!

●        Laptops and palmtops, iPads and tablets

●        Prescription glasses/contact lenses and/or sunglasses

●        The contents of your caravan and trailer


What kind of items am I NOT covered for with On-The-Go?

Of course, with every insurance policy, there are certain things we do not cover you for. We try our best to always make sure you know exactly what these are to prevent any sad faces in the event of a claim.

●        We do not pay for fraud, dishonesty, willful act or misinterpretation (when you do something to purposely try and get us to pay a claim) - honesty is our best insurance policy

●        If you break the law (this one should be pretty obvious)

●        Mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown - for example, electrical surges

●        Loss of an item’s value after repairs, we also don’t cover cleaning or restoring

●        Wear and tear and other damage that happens over time 

●        Rust, decay, corrosion, mould, damp or insect damage

●        Damage done by your own pets - make sure your precious pooch knows not to chew your camera or other expensive items!

●        War, riots, labour strikes and terrorism

●        Items confiscated by the law

●        Nuclear material

●        Legal costs for third party (someone who isn’t you or us) related contracts - unless this contract is between you and a security provider in relation to your items being protected by them


How do I activate On-The-Go?

To activate On-The-Go, open the Oneplan App and select Add On-The-Go and follow the easy instructions. We ensure our smart app is easy to use so that you can quickly access your cover as and when you need to. It’s that simple.

We get that life is complicated, it’s why we make sure our insurance isn’t.

If you want to know more about this awesome little add-on product, then get in touch with our team (you can also do this through the in-app chat function on our app), and we will happily talk you through everything.

Yours in simple, easy and hassle-free insurance,


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