Millennials & Medical Expenses: 3 Reasons Why Health Insurance Just Makes Sense (2019)


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Between rent, student loans, a car, groceries and who knows what else, it can be hard to find money at the end of your month to afford to see the doctor. Health care is expensive. But it can also be affordable...

Welcome to the big bad world of adulting…

Here you will find credit card debt that never seems to go away, household expenses that pop up out of nowhere and not to mention the price of electricity and groceries.

It just doesn’t seem to get easier the older we get. And then there are the dreaded medical bills.

Got a cold? Well best you start chugging down that chicken soup from your gran. Does your back hurt? Shame. Do some stretches. Need surgery to have your appendix removed? Time to take out a personal loan.

We get it…

Private healthcare is expensive! And so is medical aid. This is where health insurance comes in...

What is health insurance?

First things first, you are not as invincible as you think.

When you start to add up your routine care costs and realise that surgery alone can cost R20 000 or more, you will begin to realise just how important health coverage is.

Health insurance is a form of short-term insurance that helps pay your medical bills. But the best part is that it’s more than just a hospital plan...

Depending on what plan you choose and who you choose as your insurer, medical insurance will stop you from ending up in debt from medical bills.

Why is health insurance more affordable than medical aid?

Good question.

The simple answer to this is that health insurance has limits to its cover. Have a look at a more detailed answer right here.

Medical aid, on the other hand, is required by law to cover what could be very large bills, meaning your monthly premium is higher.

Health insurance tells you exactly how much cover you have and for what.

Take a look at our health plans at Oneplan. You will see that each of our plans includes routine care cover for doctor visits and also emergency cover too!

The best part?

We pay you BEFORE you see the doctor. Yes. Seriously.

Still not convinced on a health insurance plan? Then keep reading...

1. Routine care costs are expensive!

Add up how much your routine care costs

How much are your monthly prescriptions? How often do you go to the doctor?

Have a look through our bank statements and add up how much you have spent on healthcare in the last few months.

If you are on the pill, then this could cost around R150 a month.

If you go to the doctor every few months, then this could cost R400 or more for the consult and more for prescription medication.

This should give you a good idea of how much you spend on healthcare every month and how much health cover you need. It should also start to paint a picture on why health insurance just makes sense in helping cover the costs of not only emergency but routine care too!

If you are someone who regularly sees your doctor and need specialist cover too, then our Executive plan will be a good option for you.

If you want more basic cover, then our Core Plan will be a great choice.

2. Think about cover for accident and illness costs

You can’t predict when things go wrong, but you can plan for when they do.

The cost of a hospital stay will depend on the treatment you need.

Your deposit alone might be as low as R3000 or as high as R50 000.

Then there are the added on medical costs for doctor’s fees and medication…

A private hospital bed can cost between R1200 to R2000 a day.

Do you have this kind of money lying around? Probably not. And let’s be serious, who does?

This is where health insurance comes in.

3. Health insurance saves you money

This point is quite possibly the best one and the most obvious.

Instead of you having to put more money on your credit card (even though your mom told you never to get one of those things), or take out ANOTHER personal loan (don’t worry, we are all guilty of this), healthy insurance charges you a small monthly premium in return for helping cover the costs of medical bills.

It’s really that straight forward.

Do your research and find out what various insurers out there are offering. And go with one that best suits your health needs and your budget.

Remember, cheaper is NEVER better when it comes to your health.

Make sure you read the fine print, ask the right questions and understand what you are covered for and for how much.

If you want to get paid before you see the doctor, then sign up online with us (Oneplan). We make insurance simple and hassle-free.

Make your parents proud and get yourself a health insurance plan. You and your health will thank us later.

Yours in health,


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