10 simple ways to keep your outdoor dog warm in winter


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The chilly nights, frosty mornings and cold days are here, which is why we have put together this pawesome list of practical ways to keep your dog snug in the cold

Even though your dog might have a naturally furry coat which provides her with some warmth and protection from the cold, the majority of domestic dogs struggle to cope in cold weather.

Keep your dog safe, healthy and happy this winter with these 10 simple and effective methods…

1. A warm and waterproof kennel

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your dog’s kennel is waterproof to protect them from rain and slightly elevated in case of a thunderstorm and runoff water.

Seal any gaps or holes in the sides of the kennel to ensure optimal warmth and comfort.

Invest in some warm and cuddly blankets for your dog to add extra warmth to the kennel.

Better yet, check out the the Suzelle DIY video on How to make a Pallet Dog Bed. It’s pawesome, obviously.

2. Use carpeting in your doghouse

Using carpeting in your dog’s house is a great way to keep your dog warm and off of a cold floor.

Pro pet tip: Make sure you nail this carpet down to stop your dog from dragging it out.

3. Heat lamps

Heat lamps are an excellent feature for warmth to have inside your dog’s kennel. Make sure your dog does not get burnt from this or chew the wires.

Pop into your local pet store and ask if they have any heat lamps available.

4. Heated pads

These might be a bit expensive compared to heat lamps, but they are also more effective. Make sure you get an outdoor rated heating pad.

If your dog is a chewer and quite destructive, then you can get a heavy duty mat - just be warned that you will pay a premium price for this.

Remember to make sure that your dog cannot access any wires to chew that are attached to the mat.

5. Get some straw

Straw works wonders as a natural insulator and it is affordable!

You need to make sure you replace the straw regularly so that it does not rot.

For extra warmth, it’s a good idea to put a wooden pallet under the straw and then a comfy dog bed with blankets on top.

5. Make sure the kennel is not too big

A big kennel requires extra heating and warmth.

Even though a bigger kennel might seem like the luxurious choice, make sure you have one that is the right fit for the size of your dog.

Not too small and not too big (takes extra heating power to warm up). Your dog should have just enough room to turn around.

6. Keep a doggy door open

Even dogs with thick coats who were bred for the cold weather and severe temperatures can sometimes struggle to handle the cold. Which is why you should leave a doggy door open for your dog so that he or she can get into your house when it gets too cold outside.

7. Dress your dog for winter

From booties to dog jerseys (which are actually adorable), make sure your dog is properly prepared for cold weather.

Did you know that dogs regulate heat through their paws? Meaning that icy surfaces and frost can be extremely uncomfortable for them, which is where dog boots come in.

Dogs with short fur do well with fluffy and comfy jerseys to keep them warm.

8. Make sure your dog is groomed for the cold weather

If your dog has long hair, then make sure it is unknotted and well groomed. Make sure that hair around the paws is cut shorter so that they do not have cold and wet paws when walking in wet grass or through frost.

9. Warm your dog's bed

Using a hot water bottle or heated wheat bag, place this into your dog’s bed BEFORE they get into it and remove it when your dog lies down (to prevent them from chewing on it).

It also helps to get a raised bed to protect them from the cold floor.

10. Make sure your dog’s diet is right for winter

If your dog is spending time outdoors in the cold winter weather, then chances are he is burning more calories to try and keep warm. This means that your dog needs more food in winter.

On the other hand, dogs who are spending more time indoors, might need less food as they are exercising less.

Stay warm this winter and make sure your precious pet is covered with more than just a comfy blanket, but cuddle-worthy pet insurance too!

Yours in paws,


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