5 budget ways to keeping your home warm this winter


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Keep the cold outside with these winter-warming home hacks

As the temperature comes down our electricity bills often go up. According to Eskom, our electricity usage in winter is increased by 30% to 40%!

We are here to tell you that keeping warm in winter doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Which is why we have put together these expert tips to save in electricity while staying snug…

1. Seal up the gaps

Did you know a large amount of the heat in your home will escape through doors and windows?

This is why it is so important to block any air leaks to save on electricity costs.

Have a look at all of your window and door frames and check for any air gaps where heat can escape and cold air can get in.

Seal these up with either a thin strip of foam or chat to someone at your local hardware store about the best type of sealant to use.

Easy hack: You can also use an old towel rolled up at the bottom of your doors to stop the cold air from getting inside.

2. Don’t waste heat

An expert tip is to place your heater under a shelf or counter to prevent any heat from rising to the ceiling.

It might also be a good idea to buy a heater that has a built-in thermostat. This way it will automatically switch off the moment it reaches a certain temperature. This also allows you to monitor and regulate the usage of your heater and electricity.

When you have your heater on in one room, close any doors to any other rooms that are unoccupied. You should also close any cabinets or closets. This ensures all the heat is warming you and your family up and none of it is wasted on empty space.

3. Blankets, curtains and carpets

One of the most effective and affordable ways to heat your home is to take advantage of the warmth from the sunlight during the day.

A good idea is to make sure your curtains are wide open to let all the sunshine in and the warmth that comes with it. The moment the sun goes down, close your curtains again to retain the heat inside your home.


Tiled and wooden floors are known to absorb cold air and then circulate this back into your home. You can prevent this from happening by covering your floors with carpets. This will allow the carpets to act as an insulator between your home and the floor.


It’s normal to get cold when you are lying on the couch watching a movie, this is because your body is not moving around. For those series-binge nights, make sure you have some snuggly blankets on your couch to keep you warm and cosy.

Top tip: It also helps to put a blanket on your geyser as this helps to retain heat and saves you in electricity.

4. Cook at home

Eating in not only saves you in monthly entertainment expenses, but it can also save you in heating bills for your home.

Eating a deliciously warm bowl of soup or stew will heat up your kitchen, your belly and your home.

If you use your oven, a cool trick is to leave it open once you are done cooking to release the heat into your kitchen. Just be careful of your kids and pets.

You can also do the same thing with your tumble dryer.

5. Use a hot water bottle

Instead of using an electric blanket, head over to your local grocery store or pharmacy and buy a hot water bottle.

Just before getting into bed at night, slip this in between your sheets to warm it up. A heated wheat-bag is also a great option! These bags have wheat inside of them and can be heated up in the microwave and retain heat incredibly well!

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