Which health insurance plan is best for me?


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Choosing the right health insurance policy can be tricky, that’s why we break down the basics of what you need to know about insuring your health and getting access to private healthcare

Finding the right balance between a good amount of cover and your budget is something many people struggle with.

But let’s start with the basics…

What is health insurance?

Before you get into the details, it’s good to start with a basic explanation of what health insurance is…

Health insurance is basically an affordable alternative to medical aid.

The reason why health insurance is more budget-friendly is because there are specified limits to your cover whereas medical aid is required by law to cover a certain amount of medical costs in the event of a claim - these amounts cannot always be predicted.

If you can afford to have medical aid - that’s awesome! It means you have great cover for your health! But, if you want a more affordable option, then health insurance is the way to go.

Expert tip - health insurance as gap cover

Health insurance can also act as a form of gap cover for when your medical aid falls short or your savings run out.

But, long story short, health insurance offers you cover for private medical care in exchange for a monthly premium (the amount you pay every month to have your health covered).

How do I choose the right health insurance plan for me?

The first thing you need to do is some research. Hop onto Google and see what you can find about health insurers in South Africa.

Make sure you compare the different plans and find one that you think best suits you.

Cheaper does NOT mean better

One of the most important things to keep in mind when finding a health insurance plan is to know that cheaper is not always better.

In most cases, the cheaper a plan is, the less cover you have in the event of a claim.

Here’s an example...

Let’s say you get sick and it starts to get really bad and you end up with pneumonia. You now have to go to the hospital are admitted for a few days until you get better.

A hospital bed could cost between R1200 to R2000 a day. This does not include doctor consults or any other medical care received while in the hospital. So, after a few days of medical care, your bill could end up being R10 000 or more!

But, you think you are covered because you have health insurance and in your plan, it said that you can claim for hospital stays.

However, when taking a closer look at the fine print in your policy, you only have R2000 cover for hospital stays and nothing more. This means you have to now fork out R8000 out of your own pocket - which is a lot of money!

Make sure you don’t choose a health insurance plan based on price alone!

If you have health insurance with Oneplan, that’s us, we make sure you read and more importantly, understand your health insurance policy so that when it comes time to claim, you know exactly what you are covered for and what you are not.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a health insurance policy

I am young, in good health and don’t see the doctor often

If you are someone who rarely goes to the doctor and never gets sick, then perhaps a basic health insurance plan is best for you.

At Oneplan, our basic plan is our Core Plan.

For R365 a month you are covered for:

●        Doctor visits

●        Radiology

●        Blood tests

●        Dental care

●        Maternity cover

●        Casualty accident

●        Casualty illness

●        Accident cover

●        Accident disability

●        Family death cover

●        Trauma, Assault and Accidental HIV

●        Ambulance and Emergency Services

I am a healthy adult, but occasionally visit my doctor

Perhaps you are in good health, but still need cover for the occasional doctor visit and in case of emergencies, then Our Blue or Professional Plan would be a great option for you.

These plans include the same benefits listed above and more! You also get MORE cover.

This means that you have to pay in less when it comes time to claim.

For example, the accident cover on our Core Plan includes cover up to R140 000 per event.

Accident cover on our Blue Plan is R190 000 and on our Professional Plan is up to R220 000.

I get sick quite often and have been in hospital a few times due to health conditions

If you have a higher risk of seeing your doctor or getting admitted into hospital, then our Executive Plan is what you should go for.

This plan is our most comprehensive form of cover and also includes cover for specialist visits.

Where to from here?

As we said, the choice of what health insurance plan to choose is up to you. But obviously, the more cover you have, the better.

The thing is…

You never know when you could get sick or when things might go wrong. Which is why it’s good to be covered for the expected, unexpected and everything in between.

Oh, and did we mention we also pay you BEFORE you see your doctor of choice?

Yours in health,


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