How much is health insurance a month?


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The cost of health insurance and  how to find a health insurer that suits your health needs and your budget

If you are looking for affordable access to private healthcare to help you to cover the costs of medical bills - then you might have come across health insurance.

Health insurance is basically an affordable alternative to medical aid.

It works the same in that it helps you to afford care from private doctors and hospitals, but the great thing about health insurance is that it is actually far more affordable than medical aid.

This is because health insurance has specified limits to claims. This means that you have a certain amount of cover for certain events. These amounts will be clearly stated in your policy.

This article answers the most commonly asked question to help you find health insurance that suits you and your wallet.

How much is health insurance month?

The cost of your health insurance will depend on who you decide to insure your health.

A quick Google search will give you a number of results for health insurers in South Africa.

How much you pay will depend on your plan

The cost of your health insurance will depend on how much cover you want.

Of course, the cheaper the plan, the less cover you will have.

This means that when it comes time to claim, your insurer will cover less of the medical costs.

The cheaper the plan, the less cover you will get

So, when you choose the cheapest plan, this might mean that you have hospital cover only or that your medical expenses are very limited.

To write this article, I did a bit of research on 3 of the most commonly used health insurers in South Africa. These include Oneplan Health Insurance, Essential Med and Elixi Medical Insurance.

I encourage you to do some of your own research before you decide on who you would like to entrust with your health.

The trick is to find a health insurer that is affordable and also has some great benefits and comprehensive cover options such as doctor visits and routine care.

 Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Oneplan Health Insurance

Oneplan health insurance (who pay you before you see the doctor), has 4 different health insurance plans.

Their plans include:

●        Core Plan - R 365 pm

●        Blue Plan - R 690 pm

●        Professional Plan - R 947 pm

●        Executive Plan - R 1180 pm

What I like about Oneplan is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of their plans includes routine care and cover for doctor visits and scripted medication. Their plans also include funeral and death cover.

Their Executive Plan includes specialist cover.

Oneplan also has great maternity benefits.

Essential Med

Essential Med also has a few different plan options:

●        Day-to-Day Cover - R351 for single members

●        Accident & Emergency Cover - R351 for single members

●        Hospital cover - An additional* R54 for single members and R65 per month for families. * Requires a level of Accident & Emergency cover

They also have life and funeral cover.

Elixi Medical Insurance

Elixi’s plan options include:

●        BLUE PLAN - Primary Care starting from R326 (does not include hospital cover)

●        PURPLE PLAN - Primary and Hospital Care starting from R427

●        GOLD PLAN - Primary and Hospital Care + starting from R508

●        BLACK PLAN - Primary and Hospital Care ++ starting from R665

Elixi also has great specialist cover.

What it comes down to

At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make.

Health needs

You need to decide what your health needs are: are you someone who is prone to seeing the doctor often? Are you wanting to start a family soon? Are you quite healthy and only need cover for emergencies?

What does your cover include?

You then need to do some research into what exactly you are covered for. Does the plan you have chosen include prescription medication? Does it include dental visits? Does it include routine care or blood tests and X-rays? These costs can be extremely high if you have to pay for them yourself.


Then, you need to find out how easy it will be for you to make a claim.

Do you have to pay upfront and use your own money? After which you have to file the claim and then waiting 14 days to a month to be refunded?

As far as I know, Oneplan is the ONLY health insurer that pays you before you see the doctor. But like I said, do some digging and see what other awesome benefits health insurers are offering and go with your own personal choice at the end of the day.


And finally, what is your budget? What can you afford to pay every month to have your health covered?

Expert tip - did you know that health insurance also works as a form of gap cover if you are someone who already has medical aid? Pretty great, right?

Happy health-hunting!

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