7 reasons why a mixed breed is the best dog you will ever have


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Maybe you have been the pedigree type all your life, but if you are looking at adding a new furry member to your family, then take a look at our top reasons why adopting a shelter dog could be the best decision you could make

Adding a new furry member of the family is a big and important decision to make. You will provide him or her with shelter, food, love and attention. He or she will give you many years of unconditional love, barking mad memories and friendship.

In your quest to find the right dog for your house and your family, have you ever thought about possibly adopting a mixed breed? A mixed breed can offer you a number of cuddle-worthy and pawesome benefits

Here are some of our top reasons to help you choose a mixed breed (trust us, you will want to read this):

1. Mixed breeds from shelters will love and appreciate your kindness and attention

When you adopt a mixed breed from a shelter, whether he or she is a puppy or an adult dog, they are more likely to be extremely appreciative of your attention, time and kindness.

This is because so many of these precious pooches have been abused or neglected in the past and as such, are incredibly grateful for the kindness you offer them.

They will show their appreciation by guarding you, your family and your home. They will even be willing to lay down their lives to protect you and keep you safe.

2. Mixed breeds are often healthier and have fewer health risks

Studies have shown that mixed breeds have fewer health issues compared to pedigrees (or purebreds).

Anyone who has owned a Pug or a French Bulldog will know of the risks that come with these breeds. Their short snouts can lead to a number of breathing issues which require surgery. This means a high amount of vet bills too (hence the need for pet insurance to help you cover these costs).

Mixed breeds are not inbred like pedigrees and are not bred to look a certain way, meaning you are likely to pay less in vet bills and spend more time frolicking through the fields of flowers with your furry bestie.

Mixed breeds are also known to live longer than pedigrees. Vets believe that a mixed breed will outlive a purebred of the same size. This is linked to the fact that mixed breeds have fewer health risks and issues.

3. Mixed breeds might even be more intelligent

Yup, you read that right.

Many vets and experts believe that mixed breeds have more common sense and street smarts and are, therefore, a little more worldly, savvy and intelligent.

If you ask any paw parent who has owned both a purebred and a mixed breed, many of them will actually confirm this fact.

4. Mixed breeds can be found in shelters

There are a number of beautiful mixed breed dogs in shelters who would love to be adopted.

One of the best feelings in the world is adopting a shelter dog because you are quite literally saving a life.

5. Mixed breeds are more affordable

Mixed breeds are also more affordable than pedigrees.

Did you know that a pug can cost R15 000? And French Bulldogs go for even more.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a dog!

Mixed breeds (particularly ones found in shelters) cost far less than this.

6. Mixed breeds are unique

Mixed breeds are one of a kind.

There are too many dogs that look exactly the same in this world, and if you adopt a mixed breed, chances are, you are one of the few people in the world with a dog just like yours.

This means that mixed breeds really are special dogs.

7. By adopting a mixed breed, you are helping reduce animal overpopulation and the prevalence of puppy mills

Purebred breeders contribute to pet overpopulation by irresponsible breeding.

When you adopt a mixed breed from a shelter you are not only reducing the high amount of homeless pets in South Africa, but you are likely to get a dog that is already neutered or spayed in most cases.

Puppy mills are also a huge issue.

This is where purebred dogs are kept in horrible conditions are used purely or breeding. They have small cages and are not shown any love or attention. As soon as a female can no longer breed, she will be left out to die.

Puppy farms or mills are a terrible thing and should be stopped by all means.

What it comes down to

If you decide that a mixed breed is the kind of dog for you, then why not pop into your local shelter to see what dogs or puppies they have ready for adoption?

Yours in paws,


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