What is the K9 anti-poaching dog unit covered for by Oneplan health and pet insurance? And what you can do to help.


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Find out about the health and pet plans Oneplan have sponsored Project Rhino’s K9 unit with and how you can help this incredible initiative in your own way

If you haven’t heard about Oneplan’s latest sponsorship, then let’s catch you up to the latest news…

Oneplan has recently sponsored the heroic dogs and their handlers who form part of the K9 anti-poaching dog unit for one year with pet insurance and health insurance.

If you want to know more about this awesome initiative that falls under Project Rhino, then click here. If you want to know more about our sponsorship, then click here.

Right then, let’s get back to the point…

As many of our Oneplan family members know, we believe in making a difference, and more importantly, how insurance can make a difference.

Think about it - medical costs for both humans and dogs can land the average person in debt. And organisations like Project Rhino, who rely solely on donations, struggle to make ends meet when it comes to vet and doctor bills, let alone feeding the dogs and their handlers and other costs such as transport and accommodation.

Which is why we decided to help out in insuring the health of heroes...

The need for health and pet insurance in Project Rhino

The dogs who form part of the brave and heroic K9 unit are risking their lives on a daily basis. Trekking through the harsh Zululand bushveld to track down poachers and other suspects.

Their handlers are in the same boat, walking for hours on end in the scorching sun - putting their health at risk for the greater good.

So, when something goes wrong and one of the precious pooches needs to see the vet or a handler gets sick or injured, we have them covered.

The pet insurance plan for the dogs of the K9 unit

All the dogs of the K9 unit will be covered on our Pet Classic Plan.

Here’s what this covers:

More than just accident cover

The dogs are covered for more than just emergencies such as accidents and illness, they are also covered for vet visits and routine care.

Vet visits

Each dog can visit the vet 4 times a year and is covered for up to R1 120 per visit.

These include - Consultations, radiology (x-rays), pathology (blood tests) and minor dental procedures

Routine care

●        Sterilisation

●        Consultations for and/or vaccinations, deworming, flea control

●        Anal gland expression

●        Teeth scaling and polishing

Accident cover

Accidents are the stuff you didn’t see coming - when your pet is involved in an accident, for example - gets attacked by a wild animal while you to immediately rush him or her to the vet.

Each dog has accident cover up to R35 000.

Illness cover

An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your cover began.

Each dog has accident cover up to R31 000.

The health insurance plan for the handlers of the K9 unit

All of the handlers of the K9 unit will be covered on our Core Health Plan.

Here’s what this covers:

Doctor visits

Each handler is covered up to R 320 per visit.

Dental and optometry is also included in this cover.

Prescription medication

Up to R145 per script

Blood tests

We cover up to R405 per event.


We cover for up to R405 per event.

Hospital benefits

Casualty illness - We cover you for up to R4900 for life-threatening emergencies in casualty units.

Casualty accident - We cover you for up to R4900 for accident events in casualty units.

Accident cover - We cover accidents for up to R140 000 per event and up to R280 000 per family per event - these are the things you didn’t see coming.

Accident disability - We cover accidents for up to R180 000 per event.

Illness In Hospital - We cover up to R55 000

Ambulance and Emergency Services with a 24-hour line

Trauma and assault counselling

The best part about both of these plans

Both the health and pet insurance pay you BEFORE you see the doctor or vet thanks to our awesome Onecard.

The funds are preloaded onto this card and all you have to do is swipe this at the doctor or vet’s office.

What the K9 unit still needs and how you can help

The K9 unit relies on donations only. Which can be incredibly unpredictable.

There are a number of ways you can help - click here to find out more.

Some things they need:

●        Dog food

●        Leashes

●        First aid kits

●        Tyres for the vehicles

●        Accommodation

●        Torches

●        Uniforms

●        Rucksacks

Every little bit counts. Let’s all work together to make a difference.

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