10 signs you need to get your eyes tested (and how to afford it too)


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Getting your eyes tested can come with a price tag! Here’s how to know the signs that you might need an eye exam and how health insurance can help cover the costs

Who has the time (or the cash) to go for an eye exam - right? But the thing is, having your eyes tested is more important than you think!

And here’s the kicker…

Medical aid is not your only option when it comes to having access to private healthcare.

Have you ever heard of health insurance?

Tell me more about health insurance

Well, health insurance is this awesome short term insurance product that gives you instant access to private healthcare by helping cover the costs of medical bills.

Oneplan Health Insurance even pays you before you seek medical help and covers you for routine care such as dental cover, doctor visits and eye exams.

Which is pretty great if you ask me!

Here’s what you are covered for when it comes to eye exams and eye health with Oneplan:

●     Glasses (frames and lenses), contact lenses, tinting of lenses

●     Core Plan = Up to R950

●     Blue Plan = Up to R980

●     Professional Plan = Up to R1400

●     Executive Plan = Up to R1500

So, if you have been putting off an eye exam because you can’t afford it, why not do some research and find out what other options you have in terms of health insurance and medical cover?

Right then, let’s get into it…

10 signs you need an eye test

1. Your vision is blurred

If you can no longer recognise someone who is only 10 steps away from you or when reading your favourite magazine, the pictures look a little then you might be developing what is known as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

If you find it hard to see things that are both near and far, then you might have astigmatism.

2. You find it difficult to see at night

If your night vision is starting to fade and you struggle to see oncoming cars and objects in the road, then this is a cause for concern!

3. You find it difficult to adjust from dark to light

If your eyes take longer to adjust after seeing a bright light such as an oncoming car on the highway, then it might mean your muscles that help your iris to contract and expand are becoming weak. This is often due to age, but it could be another issue, always best to get it checked!

4. Your eyes struggle when working on a computer

This happens to a lot of us as a screen can place a huge amount of strain on our eyes. Always follow the 20-20-20 rule - look 20 feet away (about 7 meters) for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. If your eyes continue to strain, then book an eye exam.

5. Your eyes feel strained and fatigued

After 20 minutes of reading, do your eyes feel tired and strained? Eye fatigue can be the result of blurry vision.

6. You suffer from frequent headaches

When your eyes are strained, it means they have to work harder. In some cases, the mechanism that helps your cornea and lens to focus on an image will fail and the small muscles in your eyes have to work harder than normal and this causes eye strain, which leads to headaches.

By constantly squinting you will get headaches.

7. You are seeing double

And I am not talking about having double vision after a few drinks with your friends.

I am talking about seeing double when you are sober - which is a serious issue!

8. Your vision seems wavy

Do the blinds in your kitchen seem like they are underwater? Do straight lines seem distorted or colours look faded? Get it checked!

9. You are seeing halos around objects

This can be linked to night vision issues. When you see objects at night and they seem to have a light halo around them, then you need to get your eyes checked.

10. You feel pressure behind your eyes

This can be a sign of glaucoma. Don’t panic because this can be treated. Pressure can buildup can damage the optic nerve that transmits images to your brain, but this does not mean you have glaucoma, but you will need to get it checked!

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, then you need to get them checked! Like I said, having health insurance will help in covering the costs of an eye exam and any prescription glasses you might need!


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