Winter is on its way and here’s what you need to do to get your car ready for the cold


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Prepare your vehicle for the upcoming drop in temperatures with these 4 tips

Across South Africa the temperatures are starting to drop - winter is most certainly well on its way. We have all felt that little nip in the morning of the frosty mornings starting to set in as the sun is rising later and setting sooner.

So many of us are getting out our big jackets, preparing our homes for the cold and thinking about recipes for soup dinners, but what we forget about are our cars.

Your car is a valuable asset that needs some extra loving care in the upcoming cold months. This means that you need to get your vehicle winter-ready! Because we love to make things simple, we have compiled some of the top maintenance tips for keeping safe and on the move on our roads, meaning you are never left stranded during the winter months.

1. Your car battery

Your car battery is likely to give you more issues during winter due to the increase in amps needed to start a cold engine. The last thing you will want to have happen is to be left stranded or running late for work because your car won’t start on a frosty winter morning.

Here are some checks to make sure your battery is in good shape:

Check to see if the water level is not too low, it should cover the fluid plates. Have a mechanic check this out for you if you are unsure. If you need to top up the levels, then you can use distilled water.

Make sure your car battery is kept clean. You can do this by wiping the terminals with luke warm, soapy water to remove any dirt or acid build-up.

Ensure your car battery is secured in place.

Make sure all other devices in your car are turned off when you leave your car to park overnight.

Keep your car service history up to date.

Pro tip - If you cannot start your car in the morning, then do not make the engine crank continuously, this can damage the battery and other electrics. Rather get jumper cables to recharge your battery.

Most car batteries will last between 2 to 5 years when they are kept in good condition. This means that it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the age of your battery and replace it when it gets to 5 years.

Did you know…

That your battery life is dependent on where you live? For example temperature and humidity play a role in your battery life.

2. Don’t forget about your lights

As the days are strarting to get shorter and mornings are darker, you might find yourself driving in darkness a lot more in winter compared to the warmer, lighter summer months.

This means that you need to make sure your headlights are working. You also need to remember to always switch these off when you park your car.

3. Your car tyres

You need to always make sure that your tyres and tread are not worn down as these can result in an accident, especially when driving on wet and icy roads.

Have a look in your car manual and see what your tyres should be pumped to and have them checked every time you fill up with fuel to make sure your tyre pressure is always correct.

Did you know…

That an insurance company can dispute your claim of an accident if your tyre tread is too worn.

Have a look at this guide to checking your tyre treads.

4. Wipers and windscreens

If you park your car outside at night, then you might wake up on a few winter mornings to a very frosty, icy windscreen and car.

Here’s some advice:

Do not use warm water to get rid of this ice as this can crack your windscreen. Rather us a scraper (even a credit card wil work).

You can also turn on your aircon to demist your car’s interior - always make sure this is 100% clear before you drive!

Do not use your windscreen sprayers in cold weather as the water from your reservoir can freeze on your windscreen.

Always ensure that your wiper blades are working well and replace them if you need to.

Stay safe out there this winter and make sure you are covered withc comprehensive vehicle insurance for the expected, unexpected and everything in between.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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