Introducing our new accident-only pet insurance - the cover you need when you need it most


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From only R55 a month, your pet’s health is covered when it comes to emergencies and accidents

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As if our pet insurance couldn’t get any more cuddle-worthy, we now have a new pet plan!

Our accident-only cover from R55 a month (which is less than R2 a day), covers you for those emergency medical costs and procedures for your beloved pet!

The cost of pet care

Pet care ain’t cheap - something so many pet parents are well aware of.

A visit to the vet can cost you R500 or more for one pet. And when things get serious and your pet gets hit by a car or something terrible happens to them, you are left having to fork out thousands of rands in medical bills.

Vet bills shouldn’t put you in debt - it’s as simple as that.

Of course, our range of pet cover plans includes everything from routine care and vet visits to accident and emergency care and even euthanasia and burial cover.

But, if you are looking for a basic plan that covers you for accidents only, then we have the solution…

What is Accident Only Pet Insurance?

Accident only pet cover is our most basic level of cover for your pet, but it can make a huge difference in paying the bills when there is an accident.

What is an accident?

Accidents are the stuff you didn’t see coming - when your pet is involved in an accident, for example - gets hit by a car and requires you to rush him or her to the vet immediately. To be considered an accident, it needs to have resulted in an injury (bruises, scrapes and other bodily harm). Accidents do not include issues that have developed over time such as bone issues or sores on the pet’s body.

Keep in mind that our Pet Accident Cover plan does not include cover for illnesses.

What is an illness?

An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your cover began.

Here’s what our Pet Accident Cover includes

Accident cover

Accident cover up to R8000 per year.

Burial/cremation/euthanasia cover

Up to R1 500 and forms part of your annual limit.

What’s a limit?

A limit is the maximum amount of money we will pay you for a claim.

The best part is that no waiting periods apply for this plan, this means that as soon as you get your pet insured, your cover is active!

What you are covered for:

Things you can’t predict - like burns or electrocution, car accidents, falls from a height, actions of another animal, poisoning, near drowning or embedded foreign bodies - when Bruno swallows a rock or something.

The removal of gastric foreign bodies is limited to 1 per pet per year.

Trauma that results in fractured bones, lacerations, abrasions, punctures or wounds, gastric foreign bodies.

What is the difference between the Pet Accident Cover and Pet Hospital Plan?

Pet accident cover ONLY covers you for accidents.

Our Pet Hospital Plan which costs R142 a month includes accident cover, illness cover and kennel fees.

●        Accident Cover - Up to R32 000

●        Illness Cover - Up to R30 000

●        Kennel Fees - If you suffer from an unexpected health issue and can not look after your pet - Up to R150 per day and up to R1 500 per event. Your annual limit is R1 500 per insured pet.

Want to level up?

If you want your pet to be covered for more than just accidents, then take a look at our pawsome pet plans which include cover for vet visits and routine care and even pay you before you see the vet.

If you want to know more about our new plan or plan options, then give us a call and one of our friendly team members can walk you through it all.

Yours in paws,


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