How to quickly & easily validate your car with the Oneplan app


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Car insurance has never been this easy thanks to the smart Oneplan app

Gone are the days of paper forms, driving around to go to a vehicle inspected, and spending hours of your time trying to validate your car after applying for car insurance.

We take the hassle out of insurance and make everything as simple, to the point and straight forward.

We get that you don’t have the time to fill in forms and find a place to get your car validated. And in all honesty - who does?

The fact that you went through the effort of getting your vehicle insured should be all the work you need to put in. And if you have done that, then we salute you!

Firstly, if you are someone who has car insurance with Oneplan - then you’re awesome!

Welcome to the Oneplan family!

Now let’s get started...

I spoke to an agent and now I have to validate my car, how do I do that?

Good question.

Validating your car is as easy as 1.2. Insured!

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Download the Oneplan App

Step 2

Login to the Oneplan app using your policy number and password

Step 3

You will see a set of menu options, you need to select MY COVER

Step 4

Select ADD IMAGES from the cover options

Step 5

Snap and upload each image according to the view of your car required.

Try to make these as clear as possible.

Once your image is uploaded, then the text ‘required’ will turn green. This means you can move onto the next image you need to take and upload.

Step 6

Once you have uploaded all the required images (and all the ‘required’ text) is green, then click proceed.

Head’s up - All your images need to be uploaded within one hour, at the same time, otherwise, your validation will not work.

Woohoo! Your car is validated!

And just like that, your car is validated and you are officially covered for the expected, unexpected and everything in between.

I’m stuck and need help!

Not to worry - we have got you covered!

If you have any problems or need some help, then you can use the in-app chat function. This means that you can simply message and chat to one of our friendly team members who can talk you through any concerns you might have and help you with validating your car.

Here’s what makes Oneplan so awesome:

●        Flexible insurance and cover - No matter how much cover you choose, you will ALWAYS have R2.5 million in third-party liability cover

○        Choose the cover you want at the price you can afford without sacrificing on benefits

●        Manage your premium from the palm of your hand through the smart Oneplan App

○        Increase and decrease your cover anytime, anywhere at the click of a button

●        No vehicle inspections

○        One minute to sign up. One minute to get insured. It’s as easy as taking a selfie with your car and uploading it.

○        All you have to do a snap and upload 11 images of your car to the Oneplan App

●        Claiming made easy

○        Upload your claim in seconds to the App by following our easy step-by-step guide

●        Zero paperwork. Zero hassle.

●        In-app chat services and support

○        Our friendly team members are always ready to answer questions and help out

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