Funny things only cat owners will understand


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From always being covered in hair to judgemental looks - Being a cat parent is a unique experience, and there are certain things that you cannot explain to anyone who doesn’t own a cat - here are some of those things

Cats have several unique characteristics that we all know and love, well, mostly. They are cuddly, cute and kind of judgemental, who are we kidding - VERY judgmental.

And then there are the things that only cat parents can understand. Some of these things are gush-worthy, and some of them are pretty disturbing.

Your clothes will always have cat fur on them

You don’t even remember a time when your clothes weren’t covered in fluffy cat hair. No matter how many lint rolls you buy, or times you vacuum the house, the hair will always be there. It’s kinda like taking your precious kitty everywhere you go - which is sweet, right?

You cannot leave things on countertops

If funny internet videos online have taught us is that cats seem to find joy in knocking glasses, phones and anything else they can get their paws on off of countertops.

But hey - at least it makes for a funny story.

Your cat’s bum in your face is no longer an issue

The first time your cat backed his behind up into your face, it might have been a bit of a shock. But now, after the 100th time, you are now officially unphased.

Did you know that your cat sticking her bum in your face is her way of saying she loves you?

There's no other way to say it: Cat owners get up close and personal with their cats' butts often. Despite being a little bit gross, it's actually a good thing if your cat sticks her butt in your face. In fact, it means she likes you!

You can’t leave the toilet paper out (ever)

Whether you are more of a 2-ply kind of guy or bargain buy is your thing, no matter what type of toilet paper you use, your cat will destroy it, and we mean all of it.

Your cat is always sleeping, except at 5 am!

When you come home, when you are cooking dinner, when you go to sleep - your cat is always sleeping. In fact, cats need to sleep for at least 16 hours a day, but in the early hours in the morning, your cat becomes a terror! Running and bounding through the house like a mad cat!

That expensive bed you bought has never been slept in - but that cardboard box has

You spent time, effort and money choosing the purrfect bed for your precious cat. From organic fabric and other fancy things, you think you have found a bed fit for a king! The day it finally arrives, your cat makes it very clear that he would rather sleep in a cardboard box. And there’s just no way around it.

You have come to realise that your cat is boss, and you are strangely okay with it

Admit it - we are all slaves to your feline members of the family. There is no disciplining a cat. No matter what, your cat will do whatever she likes, whenever she likes to do it. And we can only hope that she lets us cuddle her from time to time.

There is no such thing as personal space

From a bum in your face to pushing his face up against yours - the moment a cat comes into your home, you can kiss your personal boundaries goodbye.

It’s hard to tell if your cat wants to cuddle you or bite you

Cuddling with your cat is something special, but just when you make the wrong move he flips out, scratches you and attacks you out of nowhere.

You have grown accustomed to ‘that judgemental stare’

No matter what you do, how you act or what face you make, you can always find your cat judging you...

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Yours in paws,


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