We bust the ultimate first aid myths we have all fallen for!


Jade Poole from I Write Words


From scraping off a bee sting to leaning back with a nose bleed - the myths we all believed were true!

When it comes to handling medical issues and emergencies, there are many things we have been told throughout our lives, from urinating on a jellyfish sting or sucking out snake venom, but so much of this advice is absolutely wrong!

Because we care about your health and wellbeing, which is why we created health insurance that is affordable and pays you before you see the doctor, we asked our experts and have put together this list of the top first aid myths and what the correct responses should be…

1. Scraping off the bee sting

This is one we have all been told. But the truth is, the trick is to remove the sting as fast as possible, it doesn’t matter how you remove it.

Brush it, flick it, grab it, no matter what you do, just get rid of it and don’t waste time looking for something to scrape it off with.

2. Sucking the venom out of a snake bite

Sucking the venom out of a snake bite will not work! The venom does not just sit around the bite mark waiting to be removed. It will instantly enter the bloodstream and move around the body.

If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you need to seek medical attention ASAP! Another reason why having health insurance is so great - we have a dedicated emergency helpline and will send an ambulance to get you to the nearest private hospital.

3. Urinating on a jellyfish sting

Did you know that urine will only work if it is acidic? And acidic urine will depend on the person’s diet, and often, it is not always acidic.

Rather use some vinegar - it works wonders!

4. Using a paper bag to hyperventilate into

There are a lot of reasons why people hyperventilate, a panic attack is one of them. But a paper bag is no form of treatment and can actually be very dangerous!

Speak to your doctor if you are someone who hyperventilates a lot and see what he or she suggests to treat it.

5. If someone is having a seizure, then put something in their mouth

The thinking behind this is that having something in their mouth will stop the person from biting off their tongue, but by doing this you might be blocking their airways.

Rather get hard and harmful objects away from the person having a seizure, loosen any tight clothing around their neck and pad their head with a jacket or something soft.

If you can, roll the patient onto their left side. If the seizure continues for more than 5 minutes, call for medical help.

6. Lean back when your nose is bleeding

Leaning back causes you to sallow the blood and you might vomit it up after! The best thing to do is lean forward with a bloody nose.

7. Treating burns with butter

Butter and oil do not go well with burns! Oils hold in heat and this will only cause more pain and burning! Treat your burn with cold water rather. Read our blog post on how to treat burns at home and when to see a doctor for a burn.

8. If someone has a head injury they need to stay awake!

Keeping someone awake after they have hit their head will not help in treating a head injury. As long as you can still wake the person up, then it should not be an issue for them to drift in and out of consciousness.

Of course, you should always see your doctor if your head injury is severe enough.

Unless you have studied medicine, it’s safe to say that you should leave medical treatment to the experts. If you are unsure about anything, then speak to your doctor.

If you have health insurance with Oneplan then we have an awesome chat feature in our Oneplan App where you can chat to a team of nurses about any health concerns you might have.

So, no more sucking out snake venom, scraping off bee stings, leaning back with nose bleeds or using a paper bag to ventilate into.

We’ve got your back when it comes to everything health, it’s why we make sure our health insurance is hassle-free and affordable.

Yours in health,


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