8 helpful tips to choosing the right doctor for you (hint - it’s more important than you might think)


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We have put together a list of hints to help you find the right doctor - the person who has a huge influence on your health and wellbeing

Finding the right doctor might not seem like a big deal. You might be in a position where you hardly ever go to the doctor and when you do you tend to just find the closest (and often most affordable) doctor for a once-off visit.

Or, if you are like so many of us who can’t afford to go to the doctor, then you are left to wait in lines for hours on end in hopes of seeing a doctor at a clinic.

Well, no matter what your situation is, I am here to tell you two things…

  1. There is a way you can afford to have private healthcare, it’s called health insurance
  2. Finding the right doctor for you is more important than you think

Tell me more about health insurance (the affordable alternative to medical aid)

Health insurance is a form of short-term insurance. For a specified fee a month (depending on how much cover you want and the plan you choose), you will be covered for emergency and even routine care.

How it works is that depending on your chosen plan, you will be given a certain amount of cover for different kinds of medical events - such as doctor visits, dentistry, accidents and more.

If you already have medical aid, then health insurance works as a great form of extra cover (and gap cover) to help fill in the gaps where your medical aid savings or plan fall short.

But, I thought that I have to choose from a network of doctors if I have medical aid or health insurance?

If you are asking this in your mind right now, then you are right. Most medical aids and health insurers give you a certain network of doctors you can choose from and if you go to anyone else, they won’t cover you for the visit.

But this is not the case with Oneplan.

Oneplan Health Insurance lets you go to any doctor you choose and better yet, they even pay you BEFORE you see the doctor.

Here’s how to choose the right doctor for you

Now that you know you can go to any private health professional you like, let’s get going on the expert tips when it comes to choosing the right one…

Doctors are people we interact with in a completely exposed and vulnerable way - they literally know our deepest, darkest health secrets and have a huge influence on our health and wellbeing - which is why finding the right one is so important.

1. Start getting some names

Ask your friends, family and coworkers, and do some research for doctors near you. Then phone their receptionist and ask some of the questions that follow...

2. Location is everything

Once you have a list of names, narrow these down based on their location. Is it easy for you to get there? Is there enough parking?

3. Find out what hospitals they use

Are you comfortable with their choice of hospital?

4. How long do you have to wait to see them?

Are they normally fully booked? Can you normally see them on the same day that you phone?

5. What are the staff like?

Are the staff friendly and polite?

6. Is your doctor board certified?

And do they have the certificates and credentials to prove it?

7. What are their fees like?

Find out how much they charge for an appointment.

8. Make an appointment

Finally, check out the doctor for yourself. See how you feel with him or her, how they act, work, and how they make you feel. You need to feel comfortable with your doctor.

Finding the right doctor isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Yours in health,


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