Moving house? 5 handy hacks for moving with your cat


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Moving can be very stressful for your feline friend, make sure you know how to make it is as purrrrfect as possible

Move day can come with a host of its own stresses for you and your family, in trying making sure you have everything packed, in place and ready for the big day - move day - is no easy task.

Luckily, we can help you out (and we are talking about humans, we will get to your cats in a bit) with our awesome article full of hints to help to make moving day simple and easy.

Right then, onto our feline furry besties…

If you have ever moved house with a cat, you will know how much it can freak them out. Cats find it very difficult to adjust to new surroundings and smells, which is why it can be quite the ordeal to move.

So, to make their life easier (and yours - nobody wants their precious Whiskers running away a few days after moving into a new home) I suggest you keep reading...

Here’s how to help your cat adjust to the big move

1. Introduce Whiskers to his new home gradually

Cats are incredibly attached to their surroundings, which is why any changes can be pretty daunting for them.

If you have ever moved with your cat before, then you will know that the best thing to do is introduce him to one or two rooms at a time, allowing Whiskers to feel safe in a small space.

On moving day, put Whiskers in one room with a litter box, bed, food, water, a scratching post and don’t forget something that smells of your old home.

This will give him a chance to get used to the new smells and sounds and also give them a room of his own that he can retreat to when he feels a little uncertain.

2. Surround Whiskers with things that smell like your old home

Put his favourite bed, toys, blanket or anything that smells familiar in the room with him.

Placing things that smell like you can also be helpful, such as a sweater or shirt that you have recently worn.

Because cats have such a sensitive sense of smell, they will be using their noses to figure out if this new place is safe or a threat. That’s why things that smell familiar will help him or her to realise this is a new and safe space.

3. A chill pill for Whiskers

Some cat owners swear by calming medications.

Have a chat to your vet or pop into your local pet store and ask them about any forms of natural calming remedies you can give your Whiskers.

On moving day, give Whiskers some of this medication in the morning to help soothe and relax his emotions.

4. Make sure your new home is cat-friendly, secure and safe

Make sure that the doors and windows are closed inside the room you leave Whiskers in for moving day. Have a look around the room for any places he might be able to squeeze into that you can’t get to and try to seal these.

Make sure that your garden does not have any poisonous plants.

5. Keep Whiskers inside for about 2 weeks

It’s a good idea to keep Whiskers inside for at least 2 weeks so that your new home will become familiar to him.

After two weeks, let him out and let him explore a bit, walking with him and making sure he always knows where to find an open window or door to get back inside.

Only take him outside for about 10 minutes on the first day, then increase this time over the next few days until you can see that he is comfortable with his surroundings and knows where to find home.

Of course, make sure that Whiskers has been microchipped and has a collar with your details on it, in case he does get lost.

6. Bonus tip - get pet insurance

And finally, make sure your precious Whiskers is covered for the unexpected.

Cats that are stressed can make silly mistakes and possibly hurt themselves or get into a fight with another cat in your new area, so make sure that you are covered for vet bills (we all know how expensive those can be!)

And better yet, get cover with Oneplan Pet Insurance, the only insurer who pays you BEFORE the vet and covers you for routine care and emergencies.

Good luck with moving day!

Yours in paws,



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