How to survive these 3 driving emergencies - breaking down at night, flash floods and civil unrest


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The ultimate guide to handling stressful situations calmly and knowing what to do (this could save your life)

Breaking down at night

Breaking down during the day can be frustrating as it is, but breaking down at night can be frustrating and scary!

The first thing you need to do is put on your hazards to let other drivers know you are having problems and are slowing down/pulling over.

Get as far off the road as you can.

Your issue might be a flat tyre which you can fix yourself (trust me, read this guide and you will be changing tyres in no time), but it could also be more serious. If it is something you cannot fix, then you will need to call for help.

If you have car insurance, then you can phone their emergency helpline and get your car towed. Make sure you know exactly where you are so that you can give them a location.

Once you have called for help, then you need to focus on making sure you are safe. Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking people and lock yourself inside your car. You should never stand on the side of your car closest to the road.

Do not accept any help from suspicious looking strangers.

Flash floods

These are something we are experiencing more and more of in Joburg.

The best way to handle a flash flood is to make sure you are out of harm’s way and avoid driving on the roads when there is a heavy downpour of rain.

Of course, this cannot always be possible, that’s why when you are stuck in a storm, you should try to stay away from any low-lying bridges and areas that are prone to flash floods and large pools of water. If you notice water starting to build up in a section of road, if you can, back up and turn around and find another route.

Do not drive through water that is fast flowing because this could cause your tyres to lose their contact with the road and you could be washed away! Even a big car can be washed away in water that is 60cm deep.

If you are ever caught in a flash flood and your car starts to float, then open one of your doors. This will let water in and your car will sink down again, but if you cannot do this, then get out of your car as soon as you can and get to safety.

Here are some of our top tips:

●        Stay calm

●        Leave your car if it is starting to get flooded and is being washed away

Civil unrest

Sadly, protests, marches and strikes are a very real happening in South Africa and seem to be taking place more and more of late.

Whether you are in a city or on a main road and highway, then you might find yourself surrounded by protestors at some point.

You should also check the news and social media if there might be any civil unrest in an area you are going to or driving through. Some areas are known hotspots and should be avoided if there is talk of protest action.

If you find yourself in a situation where there are protestors around you, stay calm and do not hoot at them or anger them. Try to let them know that you are not a threat and move out of the area as soon as you can - if possible, go unnoticed.

Have a look at this guide which explains in detail what exactly you should do if caught in a protest. 

We hope you stay safe out there on the wild roads of South Africa and if you are ever in trouble, make sure you phone the Oneplan emergency line (you can find this in your handy Oneplan App).

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