Questions you should ask before getting health insurance


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What health insurance is, the questions you need to be asking and why you need your health to be covered

With 2019 rolling on, you might start to look at your finances, evaluate your expenses and figure out how you can save money this year, in doing this you may have come across the affordable alternative to medical aid known as health insurance.

What is health insurance?

If you don’t know what health insurance is, then don’t worry - you are not alone!

In fact, we have we have written a blog post on this exact topic - click here to read it! 

Health insurance is basically a form of short-term insurance that gives you access to private healthcare when you need it and covers you for routine care such as visits to your doctor and hospital care for emergencies and other events.

If you are looking to switch from medical aid to health insurance, or if you want to do the clever thing and get yourself access to private healthcare for the first time, then there are some questions you should ask before choosing any health insurance provider:

1. Am I covered for prescription medication?

This one is pretty important, some health insurers may offer you cover when it comes to doctor visits and so on, but their cover is quite limited when it comes to prescription medication. Find out what you are covered for.

With Oneplan (that’s us), each one of our health insurance plans covers you for scripted medication.

2. Can I keep my doctor?

A number of health insurers have a preferred network of doctors and specialists you can go to. Find out if your doctor is on this list, if not, you may be at risk of losing your family doctor.

With us, we let you go to any doctor you choose.

3. Can I visit the dentist?

You need to find out about routine cover benefits. This means you should ask about dentist visits and other healthcare visits such as the optometrist.

Each one of our plans includes dentistry and optometry cover.

4. Do I have specialist cover on this plan?

Some health insurance plans include specialist cover and some do not. Make sure you read the fine print and find out if you are covered for specialists such as gynaecologists etc.

Our Oneplan Executive Plan offers you great benefits for specialist cover.

5. Am I covered for X-rays and blood tests?

Let’s give you an example…

You might be covered to go to the doctor, which you then do when you think you have broken your arm, your doctor then thinks you need to have an X-ray done, which you do. And after this - BAM! You are hit with a whopping bill to pay for these X-rays as your insurer now informs you, you are not covered for X-rays.

Hint - if you sign up with us, we’ve got you covered for blood tests and X-rays.

6. How difficult is the process for claiming and how do I get reimbursed for a claim?

Now it might seem all fine and dandy when you pay to visit your doctor knowing you will then be reimbursed by your insurer, but then you find out you have to fill in mountains of paperwork just to make one small claim!

Our advice is to top for the insurer that allows you to claim in a simple and smart way through an App or online portal, and better yet, one that pays you BEFORE you see the doctor - that’s us, we do that.

7. Are there any maternity benefits?

If you want to fall pregnant in the future before joining a health plan, then you will want to look into the benefits associated with maternity cover. Make sure you and your baby are covered when it comes to health checks and care.

Head’s up - no health plan or medical aid will insure your health if you are already pregnant upon signing up, there will always be a waiting period of pregnancies.

8. What kind of emergency services do I have access to in case of an accident?

Emergency services such as helicopter and ambulances are extremely important when it comes to an emergency situation - life aving infact. So, make sure you have access to services such as these.

9. What am I NOT covered for?

Most health insurers are quick to tell you what you are insured for and often tend to leave the fine print reading to you, and with this, you will find out exactly what you are NOT covered for. Make sure you read all the documents sent your way very carefully. It’s why we make sure our policy documents are all simple, straight forward and easy to understand. 

More than anything, make sure you do your research when it comes to health insurance.

Yours in health,


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