Moving house? Here are our top stress-busting hacks for the big move


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Make your moving day easy with these awesome tips (hint - these really work)

Are you moving house soon? Moving house can be incredibly stressful, that’s why we have put together the ultimate list of top tips to help to make moving a breeze…

1. Keep a list of all the little things you need to get done

There are a lot of little jobs that go into moving day. From remembering to buy a new pair of scissors to cut boxes when you get to the new house. Take out the trash bags. Clear out the toiletries in the shower. Empty the freezer and fridge.

These are all small but very important things that you can easily forget about when it comes time to move as your mind is bound to be on other things.

So, instead of driving yourself crazy in trying to remember every little thing, rather start a running list that you add to whenever something comes to mind.

2. Have some cash on you to tip your movers

If you have hired a moving company to help you move, then you should give each one of the movers a tip or buy them lunch (some hot dogs and something to drink are always a nice idea), just to thank them for helping you and for working so hard.

It’s not something you have to do, but something that is much appreciated by your moving team.

3. Buy some snacks and food for the big move

Speaking of lunch, make sure you also get some food and snacks for you and everyone helping you move. Moving takes a lot of energy, brainpower and even burns calories!

Pack a cooler full of snacks, drinks, and enough food for lunch for move day and even dinner, chances are you will be too busy moving that you will forget about making food, or won’t have the kitchen unpacked and ready yet.

So, instead of ordering some greasy take out, make sure you are prepared with some healthy and yummy food.

4. Make arrangements for a kid or pet sitter

If you have pets or little kids, they will only get in the way of your big move day.

So, instead of you trying to entertain them and keep them safe from the heavy lifting going on around them, drop your kids off with a friend or relative the morning of your move and fetch them once all the big things have been moved in later that day.

Moving can be quite stressful for cats and dogs, if you have a cat then it might be a good idea to keep them in a room in your new house and lock that door - leave them with a litter box, food and water. The point is to get them used to the new house and smells. For dogs, they find it quite exciting, but could also panic a bit and try to run out the gate - rather drop your doggies with a friend for the day.

5. Pack a bag of essentials

Pack a bag with all the important documents in your home such as passports etc. also pack your basic toiletries, clothes for the night, medications and other vital necessities.

Keep this locked in your car when you move.

6. Make sure your phone is fully charged

This point is pretty important, make sure your phone is charged for move day and if you like, make an awesome ‘moving day’ playlist to have to play when you move in - a portable speaker would help with this!

7. Leave out the basics in cleaning products

You will want to wipe, mop or clean your new house when you get there, so make sure you leave some basic cleaning supplies out to clean the place before you move all of your things in.

8. Do a final walk through

Before you leave your old home, do one final sweep and walk through the entire house, checking every cupboard to make sure you have not left anything behind.

9. Make sure your new home is covered with home insurance

If you already have home insurance and are moving, then you will need to inform your insurer of this as there are a number of things that come into play when it comes to home insurance. Where you live, the security of your house and other factors all help in determining what your premium costs you every month.

So, if your new house has better security and is in a safer neighbourhood, you could end up paying less in insurance.

And, if you don’t already have household insurance, then make sure you are covered for the unexpected, expected and everything in between.

Good luck with your big move!

Yours in hassle-free household insurance,


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