Instant Access To Private Healthcare: 7 Reasons To Choose Oneplan Health Insurance


Jade Poole

Instant Access To Private Healthcare

Insurance that lets you keep your doctor & gives you instant access to private healthcare. Here’s what makes our insurance easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to use.

At Oneplan Health Insurance we have changed the game when it comes to private healthcare cover.

Thanks our healthcare plans, you can finally afford to see your doctor when you want. And not only that, we let you go to any doctor of your choice.

We get that private healthcare is expensive and you don’t want to run the risk of putting your health in the hands of a public healthcare facility. Many of you might have investigated medical aid to help you afford medical bills, but medical aid is expensive.

Why health insurance?

Which is where health insurance comes in. Have a look at the difference between health insurance and medical aid here.

Basically, health insurance is a form of short term insurance that lets you receive care from private medical facilities in exchange for a monthly premium.

What many people do not realise is that health insurance is so much more than just a hospital plan.

Why you need health insurance:


  1. Unexpected injury or illness can be expensive to treat
  1. Preventative care allows for diseases and underlying health concerns to be diagnosed and treated before they get worse (and more expensive to treat)
  1. Access to private healthcare facilities


Health Insurance

Why Oneplan Health?

There are a number of health insurers out there and you have a wide range of options. But not every insurer is the same. In fact, each one has its own benefits and coverage options.

It might seem like a good idea to choose the cheapest option, but this often results in the lowest level of cover and comes with a lot of terms and conditions.

With us, we make the legal lingo simple. We break down everything you need to know about our health cover so that there are no grey areas.

Here’s what makes our insurance hassle-free and simple…

1. Get paid before you see the doctor

One of the incredible benefits of joining Oneplan is that we pay you before you see the doctor!

This means you can finally afford to see the doctor as and when you need to! No more waiting until payday!

How we make this possible is using our unique Onecard.

When you become a member of our Oneplan Family, we will send you your own Onecard. When it comes time to see the doctor, simply log into the Oneplan App on your phone, load your claim and the funds for your GP visit will be transferred onto your Onecard within seconds.

You can then use this card to swipe at your doctor’s rooms to help pay for the cost of the consult.

2. Cover for scripted medication

Our health insurance also includes cover for prescription medications.

3. See any doctor of your choice

Not only do we front you with the cash you need BEFORE you see the doctor, but we also let you go to ANY doctor of your choice.

4. Cover for medical emergencies and day-to-day costs

Each one of our healthcare plans includes day-to-day cover for:

●        GP visits

●        Scripted medication

●        Blood tests

●        X-rays

●        Dentists

●        Optometrists

●        Maternity

On top of these benefits, we also include cover for hospital stays and emergencies.

Our top plan also includes cover for specialist visits.

5. Funeral cover

We include family death cover in ALL of our healthcare plans. If you and your family have health insurance with us, when a family member passes away, we will pay you a lump sum based on your chosen health care plan.

We also help with the costs of repatriation (these are the expenses associated with returning a body to a funeral home).

6. Team of nurses to chat with

We have a team of dedicated nurses who work within our claims team. You can chat with one of our nurses through the Oneplan App.

7. Insure the health of your family, for less

If you have a health insurance policy with Oneplan then we also allow you to cover the health of your family members too!

With us, we will let you insure up to 6 people on your health insurance policy (you plus 5 family members).

Read more about our cover for family members right here.

The bottom line

We try our best to make insurance easy, instant and affordable through making use of smart technology (through the Oneplan App) and finding ways to make claiming simple.

Our healthcare plans include a wide range of benefits and are designed to give you the best possible care you can get.

Your health matters to us which is why we want to give you instant access to private medical institutions in South Africa.

If you have any questions, get in touch or better yet, why not get a free online quote right now?

Yours in health,


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