Going Away For The Weekend & Need To Insure Your Camera? We Got You.


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Going Away For The Weekend

Here’s what you need to know about insuring your camera (or a valuable item) for just a few days and how we make insurance easy to use, easy to apply and easy to understand.

There are certain personal items you own that are are not covered under household contents insurance as they are most likely valuable things that you take with you to different places.

Things like your laptop, handbag, clothing, music players like iPods and even musical instruments. All of these things cost a pretty penny.

But insuring all of these items is an expense that seems unnecessary. Especially considering a number of them tend to sit in the safety of your home or in the safe. 

And certain items like that camera you only use on the occasional weekend away isn’t something you are willing to constantly pay insurance for.

But what happens when your camera breaks or is stolen while using it on your next camping trip?

Picture this

You trek out to the beautiful mountains, just a few hours drive from your home. You walk through the veld, over rocks and witness some beautiful sites, all of which you manage to capture on your camera.

You head back to the local coffee shop in the small town you and your family are staying in for the weekend and just when you are about to grab your camera out of your backpack, you realise it was stolen from your bag while you were ordering a coffee. That sucks.

As if the sadness and loss of losing all of those beautiful photos of the views and your family weren’t enough, you now still need to buy yourself a new camera.

Here’s the good news

You can insure your camera with Oneplan for just a few days with our awesome little add-on product for all Oneplan clients called On-The-Go Insurance.

On-The-Go Insurance

A little bit about this awesome add-on product…

We created On-The-Go Insurance for you to insure the little things you love. It’s insurance that covers items on the move with you.

But, there’s a catch, you need to be a member of our Oneplan Family to qualify for this product.

If you are a member, then this automatically unlocks On-The-Go Insurance. We have a range of insurance plans for you to choose from. These include car and household insurance (that you can tailor to your budget and lifestyle), health insurance and pet insurance (that pays you before you see the doctor or vet). So, you’re bound to find something that suits you.

On-The-Go is a form of instant insurance that helps you cover the costs of items you take with you.

How On-The-Go Insurance works

Going away for the weekend and need to insure your camera? No problem, simply login to the Oneplan smart app and insure your item for the number of days you are going away for.

This means that you can turn your cover on and off as and when you need to. Even if it’s just 3 days, we’ve got you covered.

Wondering just how much your item is covered for?

We cover you for the full price of your item.

How we do this is by working out the number of days you want to be covered for and the value of the item. We then give you an amount which you can pay using your credit card the moment you activate On-The-Go.

Make sure you cover your item for its new replacement value. So, this means that if you bought your camera for R2000 two years ago, but now the same camera can be bought brand new for R3500, make sure that this new value is the value you insure your item for.

How to activate On-The-Go through the smart Oneplan App

To activate On-The-Go, open the Oneplan App and select Add On-The-Go and follow the easy instructions. 

If you need any assistance, then we have an in-app chat function for you to chat with one of our team members who can help guide you through the process.

What kind of items does On-The-Go insurance cover?

Our On-The-Go insurance covers you for the things that you take out of your home with you or the fancy things (like clothing and leather jackets) you might be wearing when you’re out and about, it also includes items that have a high value (like a camera or laptop).

These items are specific things listed individually in your policy document - which is basically the book of life when it comes to insurance (seriously). So you will want to make sure you read it.

We get that life is complicated, which is why we make sure our insurance isn’t.

Yours in uncomplicated insurance,


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