Did You Know That Health Insurance Can Cover Your Family Members Too?


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Did You Know That Health Insurance

Health insurance is an affordable alternative to medical aid. It gives you the access you need to private healthcare and lets you go to any doctor of your choice (well, we let you do that). But did you know that it also includes health cover for your family members too?

We get it - your health is important, but private healthcare is also expensive.

If you don’t have medical aid, you are left to take a chance at government hospitals where you could spend hours in line waiting to receive the healthcare you need.

And even when you are seen to by a doctor, the public clinic might not have the resources, staff or medication you need. This is a common issue among many South Africans. Which is where things like medical aid come into play.

Of course, many of us cannot afford the expensive monthly premium associated with this form of health cover. Just a hospital plan with medical aid will set you back more than R1000 a month (and that’s just for ONE member).

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Medical aid too expensive?

This is where health insurance comes in…

From only R690 a month with Oneplan you can have cover for:

●     GP visits

●     Scripted medication

●     Blood tests

●     X-rays

●     Dentistry

●     Maternity

●     Optometry

Hospital benefits include:

●     Casualty

●     Accident cover

●     Accident disability

●     Illness

●     Natural Birth and Emergency Caesareans

●     Dread disease

●     Family Death Cover

●     Ambulance and Emergency Services

How does health insurance work?

Health insurance gives you access to private healthcare in exchange for a monthly premium.

If you want a detailed guide, have a look at this article we wrote right here.

Basically, health insurance helps protect you from the costs of private healthcare such as doctor visits and hospital stays.

With Oneplan, we pay you BEFORE you see the doctor through the smart Oneplan App. We also let you go to any doctor of your choice. Which means you don’t have to wait until payday to see the doctor. Sounds pretty great, right?

With health insurance, you also know EXACTLY how much cover you have for certain events as outlined in your policy document.

Cover for your family members too

If you have a health insurance policy with Oneplan then we also allow you to cover the health of your family members too!

With us, we will let you insure up to 6 people on your health insurance policy (you plus 5 family members).

Here’s what this means…

The costs of family health insurance for the Blue Plan

SINGLE (meaning only you have health insurance cover) R 690

●     Single Insured + 1 Child R 1 090

●     Single Insured + 2 Children R 1 485

●     Single Insured + 3 Children R 1 875

●     Single Insured + 4 Children R 2 255

COUPLE (you and your spouse/partner) R 1 330

●     Couple + 1 Child R 1 725

●     Couple + 2 Children R 2 040

●     Couple + 3 Children R 2 330

●     Couple + 4 Children R 2 605

Have a look at the Blue Plan brochure right here.

The maximum cover for day to day benefits include:

●     Single: R 7 260

●     2 or 3: R 12 200

●     4 plus: R 16 200

Things to keep in mind

Accident disability cover is only for the main member on the insurance plan.

Each plan has its own limits (the max amount of money we will cover in the event of a claim). All of these limits and terms and conditions are outlined in your policy document.

How does claiming work?

Day-to-day care

If you have health insurance with Oneplan, then we pay you BEFORE you see the doctor. Pretty great, right? How we do this is using our unique Onecard.

The moment you sign your policy, we send you a Onecard. This card is like your own personal debit card for private healthcare that you use to swipe at your doctor’s rooms, the same way you would use a debit card.

When you need to see the doctor, simply login to the Oneplan Smart App, upload your claim and the funds are transferred to you within one minute. It’s that simple.

Pre-authorisation for an accident needing hospital care

If you need urgent medical attention, then the first thing you need to do is call us to report the accident.

We will then do an immediate pre-authorisation and send your certificate of insurance to the hospital.

Instantly add a family member through our Oneplan App

All you have to do is select ‘My Cover’, then select ‘Add Member’. You can then set up the details of an additional family member under your health insurance cover.

Yours in hassle-free health insurance,


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