The Price Of Not Having Pet Insurance: Can You Afford These Pet Healthcare Expenses?


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The Price Of Not Having Pet Insurance

As any good pet parent knows, pet medical care is expensive. But just what kind of costs are we talking about here? And how much can pet insurance really help in covering these costs? We breakdown the price of vet care and what you need to know about pet insurance cover…

Whilst we would love pet ownership to be more of walks in the park and good times with our furry loved ones, it can sometimes come with a hefty price tag in the case of veterinary care.

The thing is, our pets need the same healthcare and attention that we do as humans. And the same way that we have forms of healthcare cover in place with health insurance or medical aid to help save us from both expected and unexpected costs of private healthcare, our pets need to have the same.

Pet insurance saves you money (and a lot of it)

This is where pet insurance comes into play. Picture pet insurance as a form of health insurance, but for cats and dogs. For a small monthly premium, your pet is covered for certain benefits and events. It’s well worth it. Trust us, we know.

In any case, we wanted to explore the real costs of pet healthcare a little further. And here’s what we found…

Medical costs pet parents can expect

Keep in mind that the below information is more of a guide and the costs of pet medical expenses will depend on your town and vet.

Annual check-ups

Healthy pets need one check-up a year = R350


Healthy, adult pets need about one vaccine a year = R520 per vaccine


R25 (four times a year)

Tick and flea control

R130 and you need to control ticks and fleas every month (once a month every year).

Dental care

Such as cleaning, scaling and polishing (possible removal of rotten teeth) = R2 200 once a year.

This cost will also largely depend on the size, age and breed of your pet.

Scans such as MRIs or CT scans

These are only needed in situations where your pet is in need of medical attention. The average cost of a scan is R7 000.

Surgery costs

These costs will depend on the type of surgery required. For example, if your pet has swallowed something she shouldn’t have, the cost to remove this foreign body is roughly R5 000.

Wound treatment

If your pet has been involved in an accident such as a fight with another animal or is hit by a car, the consultation fee will cost about R350, then cruciate surgery (ruptured ligament) is about R3 500, medications such as antibiotics are about R500, injections are about R80 each.

The entire cost of this treatment would be about R4 500.

How much does pet insurance cost?

When you start to think about the costs of responsible pet ownership, you get a good idea of just how much money is involved in pet medical care.

Let’s take a look at the cost of pet insurance compared to these above-mentioned figures…

With Oneplan, our pet care plans range from accident-only cover to our more comprehensive plan, our Pet Super Plan.

Accident-only cover

Our accident plan (which has NO age limits for pets), only costs R55 a month. This means that for an entire year, your pet insurance premiums amount to R660.

With this plan, you get R8 000 in accident cover. Which means the above scenario will be taken care of by us.

Pet Hospital Plan

This plan costs R142 a month, which amounts to R1704 for the year in premiums. Our hospital plan has R32 000 in accident cover and R30 000 in illness cover.

Pet Classic Plan

This plan costs R278 a month, which amounts to R3336 for the year in premium costs.

This plan includes cover for vet visits and routine care.

Pet Super Plan

Moving up to our Pet Super Plan, this costs R390 a month, which means it would amount to R4 680 for the year.

This plan includes R50 000 in accident cover and has amazing benefits for vet visits and routine care.

That means that if you have a plan with us that includes day-to-day cover, things like dental procedures, vaccinations and sterilisation are covered.

Kennel fees

With Oneplan, we also include cover for kennel fees. This benefit only applies when something happens to you and you are admitted to hospital and unable to look after your pet.

Excess buster

We also have this awesome little add-on products known as our Excess Buster.

For an additional R40 (Hospital and Classic Plans) or R45 (Pet Super Plan) a month, we will ensure that all hospital excess amounts are waived. This means you DO NOT have to pay excess for in-hospital fees.

Paid before you see the vet

With us, we front you with the cash you need before you see your vet (did we mention we also let you go to ANY vet of your choice?).

How we do this is using our smart Oneplan App and Onecard.

The final bark

What it comes down to is that pet insurance makes financial sense. It helps save you from both surprise costs such as accidents and expected costs such as routine care.

If you are looking for pet insurance that’s so great you could cuddle it, then sign up with us today.

Yours in cuddle-worthy pet insurance,


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