Your health in 2019 - The health checks you need to make now & how to afford them


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Make the appointments, put them in your diary and actually go to these important medical check-ups

Your New Year medical and health checks are more important than you realise. With 2019 being ushered in, you might have started thinking about what this year has in store.

Maybe you have started looking for a new gym to join, jotted down some New Year’s resolutions (let’s hope we all stick to ours this year), and maybe, just maybe, in the back of your mind you may be thinking about the health checks you missed in 2018 and need to make now.

It’s important to get your health sorted before anything else as this paves a path for a healthy and happy year ahead. Just think about it - if you finally go for that eye test or dental check-up in the next few weeks, then you only have to go in a year’s time again!

But, going to the doctor is expensive! Here’s how to afford access to private healthcare

Oh, we know! And affording medical aid (even a hospital plan) isn’t cheap either!

Have you heard of health insurance?

It’s this great (and affordable) alternative to medical aid and gives you access to private healthcare. If you get health insurance through Oneplan then we pay you BEFORE you see the doctor and let you go to any doctor you like!

And it’s more than just a hospital plan…

We have amazing out of hospital benefits too - these include routine care such as doctor visits, dentist visits and even maternity cover!

Have a look at some of our plans - it only takes one minute to sign up and one minute to get insured. Don’t believe us? Why not try it out for yourself?

Right then, let’s get back to your health…

Here are the appointments you need to make (like, right now):

Health checks for women

As a woman, you need to go for a health check at least once a year. This includes a breast examination, PAP smear and an assessment of your reproductive organs, your hormones and blood tests.

Chat to your GP and ask her or him if they can perform some of these tests in their rooms (some doctors also do PAP smears), this will save you the time and money of seeing a specialist.

Some women need to go for health checks more often than most, speak to your doctor and find out when and how often you need to get your female health checked.

Health checks for men

Men need to also go for overall health checks once every 2 years or annually. Chat with your doctor about whether you should be screened for testicular cancer if you have risk factors (i.e. a personal or family history of cancer).

Skin checks for skin cancer

Living in sunny South Africa can often come at a scary price - skin cancer. Spending so much time in the sun can damage your skin cells and lead to the development of skin cancer. Pale people with freckles and those who have a family history of cancer are the most at risk.

Make sure you make an appointment to see a dermatologist and have any moles and skin lesions checked out. Some doctors can also do this for you.

Medication and contraceptive reviews

If you are currently on any long-term medication, then you must have this reviewed at least once a year or more to see if you need to change medications or have your dose altered. This also goes for the pill (oral contraceptive).

Dental check-up

Teeth looking a bit yellow? Have a cavity you are ignoring? Even if nothing is visibly wrong with your teeth, you need to see the dentist at least once a year for a check-up and to fix any issues. Your teeth are more important than you think and leaving an issue for too long can result in health issues and expensive surgery or even braces to correct the problem.

We even wrote a blog post on gross things that happen when you don’t go to the dentist - check it out.

Eye tests

Your eyesight will change throughout your life. That’s why having an eye test every 2 years is so important to check for any changes, change and adjust your glasses, and also check for any eye health issues.

Put your health first in 2019. Get health insurance. Make your appointments. Go to them. It’s that simple.

Yours in health,


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