Why household and car insurance are the first things you need to have in 2019


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We have put together the top reasons why household and car insurance are so important and why you need them, like right now

We can hardly believe that 2019 is here - can you!? Where did 2018 go? After a holiday (if you were lucky enough to have one) and some well deserved time off, we are all starting to get ready to go back to work and maybe even complete some of the personal admin tasks we set out for ourselves in 2018.

If insurance is one of those tasks, then you are in luck. And if it wasn’t, then here’s why it should be…

Household contents, home and car insurance are some of the most important types of insurance out there. By having these (and trust us, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg), you are covered for the expected, unexpected and everything in between.

What this means is that when things go wrong - for example, you get into a fender bender in your car, your house is burnt down or someone breaks into your home, you are covered.

If you are like so many South Africans then December was probably quite an expensive month for you and you aren’t exactly left with a whole heap of cash right now. If this is the case then you are also probably thinking that you cannot afford to get insurance right now and you would rather wait until you can.

But, and this is a big ‘but’ what if something happens to the things that matter most to you in that period of time? You would certainly consider yourself to be a fool if this were the case. We certainly hope that nothing does go wrong, but insurance covers you for the things you can’t predict.

And here’s why you need it…

Household insurance

There are two different types of household insurance...

Household contents cover refers to the household goods and personal belongings inside your home, as well as fittings and fixtures that you own or are responsible for.

Contents insurance applies to anyone who owns anything of value, from your computer, TV or even your favourite painting you bought at that fancy auction. Even rugs come at quite the price tag these days.

Your clothing, your couch, your fridge, washing machine and even your microwave are all items worth insuring. If someone were to break into your home and steal your TV, do you have the cash right now to buy a new one?

Even if you are renting, it’s important that you cover your belongings because your landlord will not be liable for anything that belongs to you.

Home refers to the main residence at your address as well as any other roofed structures or outbuildings (separate to the main house) such as carports, wendy houses, domestic workers living quarters, garden sheds, garages.

If you own a home and are in the process of paying off your bond, then house insurance is usually a must-have.

Car insurance

If you have driven on the roads in South Africa then you are more than likely aware that accidents can and will happen, to anyone. No matter how good of a driver you think you are, you cannot control how another driver controls their car.

Vehicle repairs can cost tens of thousands of rands and what would you do if your car was no longer driveable because of an accident? If you are not insured, then you would have to cover the damage costs by yourself and maybe even have to replace your car.

Oneplan - the hassle-free insurance

At Oneplan we get that life is complicated, it’s why we make sure our insurance isn’t.

Oneplan car and household insurance will cover you for the things that matter most, today. We also have an awesome add-on benefit for our customers who want to insure items they take with them such as laptop and cameras - it’s insurance that goes where you go! On The Go insurance.

Our car insurance is comprehensive, that means it covers your car for theft, hijacking, fire, damage from an accident and total loss which basically means when it’s written off, we’ve got you covered. We also offer third party cover.

You can press pause on your car and household cover whenever you want through the awesome Oneplan app and have constant access to your cover and policy.

The best part is that we let you choose how much cover you want. How this works is that you can select a percentage you want, say you want 50% of your items covered, then we will cover 50% of the item’s value should anything happen to it.

Make sure you have insurance in 2019, trust us, it will make the world of difference and save you a whole bunch of money.

Yours in insurance made simple,


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