Our 3 top reasons why car insurance is something you just can't live without…


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If you own a car, then car insurance is pretty much just as important as wearing your seatbelt (no, seriously). If you don’t want to be left in crushing debt from a car accident, then keep reading…

A good car insurance policy is crucial when it comes to owning a car, the two go hand in hand. Even if you consider yourself the world’s greatest and safest driver and only park your car in a secure parking every time you step out of it.

The truth is, you can’t control how other drivers react and how they drive, nevermind the risk of theft no matter where you park- let’s be honest, we do live in South Africa. And although it is a country of unsurpassed beauty, it is also a land of crime that happens every single day.

If you don’t have motor insurance, then you are facing the risk of crushing financial debt every time you drive.

Here are our 3 top reasons as to why you absolutely cannot live without vehicle insurance…

1. Save yourself from debt

This point bears repeating - here’s what happens when you are in a car accident and DON’T have car insurance…

Le’ts say you are driving to work one morning and are literally one minute from the office, just then, another driver rear ends you at a traffic light. Granted, in this situation, it is most probably the other driver’s fault as he went into you when you had clearly stopped at a traffic light, waiting for it to go green.

Now, you get out of the car and approach the other driver. As it turns out, the other driver was in a hurry to write his student exams and does NOT have car insurance, nor can he afford to pay for the damages done to your car.

He says he could maybe afford to do so in a few months (or years), but for now, you are left with a massive dent in your car (you can’t even open your boot) and thousands of rands worth in repairs.

Not to mention January is a time when almost no one has money - am I right?

The above scenario, in all honesty, is a pretty mild one… let’s take a look at a more serious one…

A more serious situation

Here’s another example of a car accident that could land you in a whole heap of debt…

You are driving on the high way when a stray dog runs across, you swerve and hit another car, resulting in serious damage done to both your car and the other driver’s.

But there’s nothing you could have done right? Right.

After an assessment from the panel beaters, you find out that the damage to the other driver’s car is about R45 000 and to yours is another R20 000 (these are real figures - I am not exaggerating these at all - in actual fact, they could be a lot worse).

You are now left with a bill of R65 000 that you have to pay for in being the one who caused the accident.

Let’s be honest, who really have that kind of money lying around?

If you have car insurance with Oneplan, we let you choose how much cover you want according to the price you can afford and help you cover the costs of accidents. It’s that simple.

2. The emergency assist benefits

Another thing that comes with owning a car is that all cars run the risk of breaking down. This is where roadside assistance comes in…

With Oneplan we cover up to R2500 in towing costs. What’s more, if you have health insurance with us and are ever in a medical emergency, we will send an ambulance to come and get you and bring you to the nearest private hospital for a doctor to examine and treat you.

3. Everything is simpler with car insurance

Another thing we didn’t learn in school, is what to do when we are involved in a car accident. Nevermind theft and hijackings.

Knowing how to handle these sorts of situations is where your insurer comes in. And if you have car motor insurance with Oneplan, then they do their best to walk you through each and every process in a way that you understand.

They also don’t make you do vehicle inspections and their claims process is the easiest one out there, yes, really.

So, don’t be left alone, in debt and in an emergency situation - which are all the things that happen when you don’t have car insurance. Do yourself a favour, and get yourself insured. You’ll thank me later.

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