10 pawfect New Year’s resolutions for you & your pet in 2019


Jade Poole from I Write Words


We’ve compiled a cuddle-worthy list of New Year’s resolutions that you can make (and keep) for your furry family members

With a new year comes new ways in which you can improve your health, and of course, the health of your precious pet. If you are a pet parent, then we invite you to dedicate yourself to some pet-focused New Year’s resolutions for 2019 to make your pet’s life better and in turn, yours.

1. Start an emergency fund (or get pet insurance)

This one is pretty important. You need to make sure that you have some sort of a back up for when things go wrong. This fund will need to be dedicated to the medical needs of your pets.

Or, if you are clever, you can just get pet insurance. And if you are even more intelligent, then you will get pet insurance through Oneplan. The only insurer who pays you BEFORE you see the vet (any vet of your choice) and has amazing routine AND emergency care cover.

2. Make sure the info on your pet’s chip and tag is updated

If you have changed your number or your address, make sure that you change the info on the tag of your pet’s collar and on their microchip - if you haven’t microchipped your pet, why not?

This will ensure that should your precious furry member of the family ever go missing, they can safely find their way back home if a friendly stranger finds them.

3. Spend more time playing with your pet

You have to remember that your pet loves you unconditionally. He or she loves and adores every second they get with you. Make this the year to spend more time with your pet - go for walks, play in the garden, even just cuddle. By devoting more time to your pet, you are helping to grow a stronger bond.

There is even research that shows that spending time with your pet helps you and him to live longer.

Fancy a game of Fetch, anyone?

4. Groom your furry family member more often

This might actually tie into you wanting to naturally spend more time petting and loving your pet. If they are clean and smell great, what’s stopping you from cuddling them?

Remember - grooming your pet is important for their health as it helps to detect at bumps or lumps under their fur that you might need to get checked out at the vet (this is where pet insurance comes in - you’re welcome).

There are loads of mobile pet groomers who come to your home and have an awesome van where your pet comes out looking like a new dog (or cat).

Brushing your pet daily also helps with bonding.

5. Measure how much food you are giving your pet

This one is pretty important - just filling up your pet’s food bowl or letting them have as much as he or she wants is a good way for a food obsession to develop, or worse, obesity. Find out exactly how much your pet needs (make sure you are also getting the right kind of food) and give them that exact amount.

6. Try something exciting and new with your pet

Just like we get bored, our pets do too. So try to shake things up a bit. If you have always gone to the same park, then why not try a new one? Or better yet - why not go on holiday with your furry family member or go out for lunch together. Check out our blog posts on places to stay and places to eat together.

7. Brush your pet’s teeth

This point might sound silly, but it’s really vital that you look after your dog or cat’s teeth and gums. There are loads of chew toys and awesome tricks to brushing your pet’s teeth to make it more enjoyable for the two of you. The point is though, gum disease is a serious and very real condition - find out more about it here and how to prevent it.

8. Keep a medical and health diary

This is a great way to inform a new vet of anything that may have happened to your pet in the past. Make a list of allergies, medications and vet visits and keep this list updated every time something happens.

9. See your vet on a regular basis

Make sure you see your vet for check-ups every now and then (at least every 6 months to a year). This ensures that your pet’s shots are up to date, will help to detect any health issues before they get worse and generally improve the health of your pet.

10. Get pet insurance

Ever been whacked with a triple-digit vet bill? That won’t happen with pet insurance. It’s that simple.

Make 2019 your year for you and your furry loved one.

Yours in paws,



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