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If you like your doctor, keep your doctor with Oneplan health insurance

We get it - you and your doctor know one another.

You have been through it all together, from the flu to the more serious issues such as bronchitis and let’s not forget about that time you found that strange lump which turned out to be nothing.

The point is, your doctor knows you, probably too well. And having to change your doctor when you join a medical aid or health insurance can be a pretty scary thing to think about.

That’s why we don’t believe in making you change doctors, ever.

Here’s how other medical aids and health insurers work:

Other health insurance plans and medical aids will give you a list of doctors they cover. These doctors have chosen to be ‘contracted’ into these various plans and therefore if you want the costly bills from your visit to the doctor to be covered, you have to go to one of these doctors.

No exceptions. No questions asked.

Then you find out that your doctor, the person who has seen you at your worst and helped you get better, the doctor who your family loves and is comfortable with, is not covered on your new health insurance plan.

But the thing is, you can’t afford not to have cover for private healthcare. Public healthcare in South Africa is no easy-going. Hospitals are overpopulated with patients and under-staffed with medical experts such as doctors and nurses. Not to mention the lack of beds and equipment.

The point is, you need access to private healthcare. And what’s more, you need help in affording it.

But, you don’t want to lose your trusty family doctor in getting it. And we get that.

Here’s how Oneplan works:

When you sign up for one of our Oneplan Health Insurance plans, we cover any licensed general practitioner.

This means, you keep your doctor.

How we are able to do this is through our unique Onecard.

Let’s break it down for you:

Step 1: Choose a health insurance plan:



Is your main goal to get private health care when it comes to emergencies? Then this is the plan for you. From R333 pm you’ll have access to day-to-day benefits as well as access to private hospital care.


The basics - the blue plan. This simple health cover plan covers the basics of what you need when it comes to health insurance. Check out our Blue plan from as little as R625 pm.


The professional, the bump up from blue and more extensive cover for when you need it most. From R842 - this is your bridge to private healthcare and great benefits.


The best of the best - the top of the pops - this is the plan you have been searching for! From 1034 pm this is the best Oneplan that money can buy.

Step 2: Instant claims!

Then, once your cover is activated, you can go and see your doctor. We will immediately send you a Onecard which is preloaded with funds for you to swipe at your doctor’s rooms.

Here’s the best part:

Say you have the flu and you really need to see your doctor. But it’s the end of the month and you are strapped for cash.

All you have to do is login to our Oneplan app, load your claim for your doctor’s visit, for example if you are on the Core Plan we will cover up to R300 for the visit, and in less than one minute your funds will be loaded on your Onecard - it’s that simple!

Step 3: Jump up and down because you are with Oneplan!

We only have Oneplan, and that is to make your life better. With us, everything is simple.

Yours in health,


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