Don’t wait until payday to see your doctor - There’s a health insurance who pays you before you see your doc


Instant claims. Instant payments. The only health insurance who pays you before you see the doctor.


Affording private healthcare in South Africa is expensive. There is no doubt about it.

And having medical aid is something a number of us simply cannot afford. That’s where health insurance comes in.

The affordable alternative to medical aid that is typically less expensive and also, less complicated when it comes to what your plan covers.

Health insurance is the helpful doctor fixit who is there when you really need him for a small fee, whereas medical aid is the fancy doctor who will offer you acupuncture for your sinus headache but charges you a much larger fee for his specialist services.

Look at it this way…

Medical aid is like ordering a gourmet burger with special pickled onions flown in from France and a bun made from only stoneground, pure flour. It’s delicious, but expensive. Health insurance is the normal burger with no fuss and frills. It’s cheaper, just as filling, but not just as delicious compared to the gourmet burger. The point is that they both do the same job, but the one (medical aid) might cover a bit more.

If you have health insurance, then you will know the drill when it comes to getting sick and needing to see you doctor:

You get sick. You need to see your doctor. You book an appointment. You have to somehow find R300 or more to pay your doctor and a couple of hundred rand more for the meds who have to take.

Once you have paid the doctor and the pharmacy with your own hard-earned cash, you have to fill in forms upon forms to fill in a claim to submit to your insurance company.

Once you have submitted your claim you will wait anywhere between a week and a month to be refunded. Until then, you are forced to make ends meet. And that was just for a little visit to the doctor, what about more serious things where you need an operation or surgery? These situations result in thousands of rands! Who can afford it?


The point is - Everyone is doing insurance wrong.

Well, there is one exception - Oneplan.

We don’t believe in making you wait until payday to see your doctor.

We don’t believe in making you use your own money to pay your doctor.

We don’t do paperwork.

We do simple, easy and smart insurance.


And here’s how:

With Oneplan, that’s us, when you need to see the doctor, all you have to do is:

  1. Login into our Oneplan App (or online self service portal or phone a member of our team of experts)
  2. Select load claim
  3. Enter the details of your claim
  4. And have the money transferred onto your Onecard in one minute!


Your Onecard is basically your special debit card that we give you that you can use to swipe at your doctor’s rooms as you would a normal debit card. You will get a pin and everything. Pretty nifty right?

Oneplan is the only insurer who pays you before you see your doctor.

It gets better…

You can go to the doctor of your choice!

We make insurance simple. We make it easy. And the best part? We don’t compromise on value when it comes to offering you an insurance product you can afford.

Did we mention that we also have a dedicated team of nurses available to chat to you through our Oneplan App?

We also make sure that you know exactly what you are covered for and break down the insurance lingo of the legal stuff.

Our plans start from R333 a month. It only take one minute to sign up. And one minute to get insured. What are you waiting for?

Life is complicated, insurance shouldn’t be.

Yours in health,


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