6 steps every empowered woman takes for a healthier her (hint - stop dieting)


From better sleep to pamper evenings  - we give you the expert tips you need!

In celebrating women across South Africa for National Women’s Day on the 9th of August, we have put together an expert list of the tips you have been in search of for a healthier, happier you!

"The best part? Say goodbye to diets"

Here’s it is…

1. Say goodbye to your stress - for good!

We get that as a woman you have a lot on your plate.

From bills to be paid, kids to drop off at fetch from school, school lunches, dinners and so much more - it’s hard to find time for yourself while trying to juggle it all.

But the thing is - you deserve some down time to help keep your stress levels low and just get a breather - you need it!

Do something that makes you happy every single day. Whether this is going for a walk, watching your favourite TV show or listening to a guided meditation on your phone - there are some great naps for this!

Wake up every morning and list 3 things you are grateful for. This helps a lot to boost your mood!


Hint - pets also help with eliminating stress. Why not pop into your local animal shelter and adopt a cute little companion? (FYI - we do simple pet insurance, too!)

2. Say goodbye to diets

Moderation is key!

When you restrict your body from certain foods that you are craving or just eat too little - and although you might lose some weight doing this… here’s what you need to know…

We have all heard of some quick weight loss diets that are bound to lower our body weight, shed fat and more in just a number of weeks, if not days - but the truth to these is that these diets cannot be sustained daily. No one wants to only drink juices for the rest of their lives.

This means that as soon as you start eating normally again, your weight will bounce right back to what it was, if not worse.

Eating too little food can slow down your metabolism (which is how quickly your body processes everything), then, when you start eating more food, your body will hold onto it as it was starving before and now wants to hold onto every crumb you swallow in an attempt of not starving again…

The trick is to get a mix of healthy foods - lean proteins, cut out sugars and processed foods and eat your veggies!

And if you want that slice of cake or a glass of wine from time to time - do it!

3. Pamper it up

Research shows that when women take time out to pamper themselves, it boosts their mood and improves stress levels and just makes you feel great!

Pampering doesn’t always have to mean going to a fancy spa and spending a small fortune. You can do all your pampering at home!

So, once a week or every second week - take out time for yourself. Run a bath, throw in some bubbles, blast your favourite music, put a face mask on, get in and feel the stress soak away.

4. Take the stairs - even in heels

Exercise is the first step to getting rid of stress, living a healthier life and feeling better about yourself!

Try to incorporate little things like taking the stairs, getting up to walk around every hour and even doing 5 squats every time you go to the loo!

If you can - try to get in some proper exercise 3 to 5 times a week. Join a Zumba class, kickboxing or just go for a run!

5. See your doctor every year

We get that going to the doctor can be a pricey thing to do. But the thing is - you need to go for annual checkups such as breast exams, pap smears and general checkups to make sure your health is in order.

Also - why not get yourself some affordable health insurance from Oneplan (that’s us) - hint - we pay you before you see the doctor and we don’t believe in paperwork. Preey great - right?

6. Get more sleep

A lot of us don’t realise how important sleep is - or just don’t have the time to get in a good night’s rest.

But the thing is - sleep is the most important factor for your happiness and your health! Make sure you are getting between 6 and 8 hours every night.

There you have it - the list to a healthier, happier you!

We hope that tonight you put on that gown, run a bath, lather on a face mask, sip on a warm cup of tea (or a glass of wine - whatever you fancy) - and relax! You deserve it!

Yours in health,


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